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Add a Transaction

Use these steps.

  1. Select the transaction type:Expense or Income.
  2. Type the category type to categorize the transaction. (This is an optional field, see tips.)
  3. Select the Account affected by this transaction.
  4. Type a Description of the transaction. For example: car payment or rent.
  5. Click the calendar icon to select the dateof the transaction.
  6. Type the transaction amount (two decimal digits are allowed).
  7. Type the payee or recipient of the transaction. (This field is optional and usually only useful for expense transactions.)
  8. Type the check number of the transaction, if applicable. (This field is optional and usually only useful for expense transactions.)
  9. To split transactions, see this page.
  10. To define recurring transactions, see this page.
  11. Click Submit & Done if you are finished, or Submit & Add Another to add another transaction.


Categories acts as identifying tags and you can create multiple categories useful to your own budgeting purposes. For example, if you create tags such as "insurance" and "wife" then type "insurance, wife" into the Category field, then an "insurance" search later would bring up all transactions related to insurance, and identify those related to your wife's vehicle.

Notes are useful for annotating transactions, especially for transactions that are somewhat out of the norm. This can help you remember the details about that transaction later.

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