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Ensure Security and privacy for your financial data

We are committed to ensuring complete security and privacy for your data at all times.

Complete Security

No need to share private data

BudgetPulse is designed to ensure your private data and banking and credit information is secure. Our system works without requiring you to enter data that should be kept secure. Your account is virtually anonymous. BudgetPulse knows only your e-mail address and password - the rest is not shared with our system.

Security measures

BudgetPulse has implemented VeriSign SSL for secure and safe data transmission. Our system is tested every day with MacAfee security software. Our Security

No direct access to your money

BudgetPulse is a kind of 'view-only' web service that lets you organize and analyze your finances, but does not let you directly move money into or out of your private bank and credit accounts. No one outside of you will ever know what your budget looks like, and no one - not even you -- has access to your accounts through BudgetPulse.

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