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Reduce credit card debt.


We all know how convenient credit cards can be, and they are a great way to build credit. But credit card debt can quickly get out of control and you can end up paying more in interest over the long haul than the original cost of the things you purchased. Getting out of credit card debt isn't just about lowering your payments, it's about finally paying only what things are worth, so you can save money over time.

Finally shrink credit card debt by modeling your finances.

Get a complete picture of where you stand

BudgetPulse shows you the full picture of where you stand with all your credit card accounts. With BudgetPulse, there's no more guessing at the balances you think you have on each card. By identifying the account with the highest balance and the highest interest, you can pay down that one first and then concentrate on the others.

Using our credit analysis tools shows you where you are spending money, so you can see at all times what is discretionary and where you can improve your spending habits on a day-to-day basis. By seeing the categories of expenditures, you also have a much better idea where it's possible to cut back and by how much.

Never miss a payment again while paying down debt faster

By tracking your upcoming debt payments, you are better prepared and you can make payments on time - thus skipping those pesky late fees with the accompanying interest increases. Plus, because you know what is due, you can better plan to ensure that money is available - not only for the minimum payment, but also to pay down the overall debt

As you pay off each of your highest interest accounts, you can then pile on those payments to the account with the next highest interest, doubling up your payments and reducing your debt faster. BudgetPulse's shows you not only your current standing, but also your progress, so you can see how your individual changes are making an impact on your overall financial health.

Earn a better interest rate

One of the perks of paying down your debt and attending to your finances is lower interest rates. With your overall debt reduced and an improved history of paying more than the minimums on time, you are in a better position to negotiate, or even be offered, lower interest rates on new cards. With BudgetPulse, you can manage your credit card debt and finally shrink that debt using our financial modeling tools.

After you have established a reliable credit paying history, it is much easier to request or negotiate a credit card better tailored to your new lifestyle - one with a lower rate and reduced fees. This last step should end up giving you the final push to help eliminate your credit card debt finally and forever.

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