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Debbie Dragon is a freelance writer providing articles for billeater.com, a site that combines articles about saving money with real tools, like the ability to compare insurance quotes. Source: Flickr In these challenging economic times, when the holiday season rolls around, many people find themselves overwhelmed financially when trying to buy gifts for friends and […]



We all like new stuff. Whether it’s the latest Wii, a thinner flat-screen, a remodeled kitchen … or anything else for that matter, we’re human and we all like new stuff. Here’s the rub though: if you buy it now on credit, you could end up paying for that new stuff many times over, and […]


I’m getting engaged in November and as I approach marriage I have been thinking about my personal financial situation a bit more seriously. I recently emptied a savings account to buy a little rock at an ungodly price (it was worth it!). Now I’m in a position to find the best savings account that I […]


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