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The word “cryptocurrency” was a complete unknown to the masses just a few years ago, but many people now recognize the term when they hear it. Even more people will know what you mean when they hear the word “Bitcoin”, which is the predominant cryptocurrency in existence. Bitcoin’s rise in popularity, media attention and value [...]



Nothing’s worse than having something go wrong before or during a wedding. So, here’s the top flower mistakes most people make and how to avoid them. You Don’t See The Big Picture When you choose flowers for the centerpiece, don’t forget about the view. If you’ve chosen an outdoor location, this becomes even more important. [...]



The World Wide Web has opened plenty of new doors to people who want to find more information, make purchases and interact with others. All of these activities have made it possible to live more fulfilling, enriching lives. Spending money online or through electronic forms of payment such as debit and credit have been proven [...]



Are you nearing retirement, but fearful that you’re not financially ready? Though time may be of the essence, there are still ways you can prepare yourself to enjoy the next 30 years of your life. If your savings and income sources are going to last you that long, you’ll need to plan, budget, increase your [...]



A driving violation can be expensive, especially if it results in the need for SR22 insurance. SR22 refers to a form that’s filed by your insurance company with the DMV. It confirms you have high-risk insurance, and it’s necessary to get you back on the road. Budgeting to afford this insurance (as well any fines [...]


What you can do to rid yourself of Zombie debt

How’s that New Year’s Resolution working out for ya? Have you made any progress on your finances? Many people make lofty goals, but never follow through on them. For some, they get stuck – finances are hard and they’re afraid of making mistakes. For others, it’s laziness. Here’s how to buckle down and make something [...]


HVAC Maintenance

The days of taking your special key to the cupboard outside and reading your meter once every few months, are well and truly numbered. Many of us are much smarter consumers these days and that is why we regularly check for the best deals on sites like Gocompare.com and it is also a reason why [...]


kitchen appliance

Appliances are expensive. And, if you don’t have to replace them, you shouldn’t. At the the same time, everything has its end. Here’s how to extend your appliance’s. Getting More Out Of Your Dishwasher Dishwashers are really convenient, but they’ve also become a necessity in some homes. They use less water than washing by hand, [...]


Honda Jazz

When you are looking to buy your first car, it can seem like it is impossible to get there. You need to have substantial savings, particularly if you want to get anything decent. Whether you go second hand or brand new – which might actually be closer to your budget than you think if you [...]


Financial Solutions

For many people and companies, there is a tradeoff between convenience and price that carriers into sustainability practices. Environmentally friendly manufacturing may demand higher prices for goods and sustainable business practices may demand a higher cost for services. This article is designed to close the gap by providing five ways that you can reduce your [...]



With a number of alternatives, you don’t need to hire a travel agent.  But you don’t need a gym trainer, a tour guide, or a salesperson.  However, these agents do provide a service, and depending on the desired result, may be more of a benefit than a nuisance or added cost.  Such is a reason [...]


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