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private jet

We live in challenging and contradictory times, particularly when attempting to pursue an entrepreneurial path. While technology has empowered the cultivation of small and independent businesses, for example, the economic climate has restricted funding options while making it extremely difficult for entrepreneurs to keep start-up costs and overheads down. The discrepancies that exist between earnings [...]


How to Organize Your Finances During a Move

The vast majority of people hate having to move, and even more people hate the expenses associated with moving. But sometimes moving is a necessity that can’t be avoided. If you’re moving because you’re buying a home, then money is definitely going to be tight. After appraisal fees, inspections and closing costs buyers can easily [...]


house on calc

Reverse mortgages are everywhere these days.  You have seen the commercials, espousing how these mortgages can actually freeze your monthly payments.  This way you can use the funds for other endeavors.  But what is a reverse mortgage?  How do they work?  Importantly, is a reverse mortgage the right choice for me?  As you can see, [...]


living together

These days, many single people opt to move in together before getting married, and they do so for a number of reasons. Some do it for love. Others do it for financial reasons. Usually, the move-in is a combination of both. When people split the rent and other living expenses, they may afford to live [...]


Title vs Personal Loan

In the United States, unemployment compensation, which mostly consists of the state unemployment insurance and the Federal Unemployment Trust Fund, is intended to provide assistance to workers who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. The intention is that the benefits will keep them going while they find alternative work. However the rules [...]



There is no question that some people do appear to have the midas touch when it comes to creating excellent returns on their financial investments, and one person who definitely fits the bill is the financial wizard, Warren Buffett. Having access to stock prices and company news, like this from over at Money Morning, could [...]


Veterinary Care Financing Options

Part of the American Dream is to build your wealth, driving yourself forward by seizing every opportunity you can and working hard. However, having money isn’t just important for living a nice life and having spare cash at hand, it’s also becoming increasingly important for putting together your retirement plan. From paying for your children [...]


Financial Solutions

Personal loans are great financing options for various reasons. For starters, they are much more affordable than credit cards and can be used for financing long-term activities. You can set the loan term anywhere from 6 months to 5 years depending on your needs. Personal loans are also very flexible, allowing you to borrow up [...]


50th Anniver

Financial planners refer to estate planning in the broad sense of investment strategies. This term is used by insurance professionals for providing product and advice associated with the use of diverse insurance policies for accumulating wealth and protecting it as well. CPAs are known to incorporate estate planning as an integral part of any effective [...]



Whether you never went to college after high school and you’re ready to pursue your bachelor’s degree as an adult, or you’re focused on enhancing your career with something like a masters in public health online degree from a school like the University of Arizona, going to college and working full time is definitely going [...]


Buying New Car and Save Extra Bucks

Let’s face it, lots of us can’t afford anything but the most basic car. But clearly, buying a car that is TOO cheap is an exercise in stupidity. Old junkers will require so much maintenance, break down so frequently, and be so all-around unreliable that they’re not worth your time or money. There exists, you [...]


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