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This control will allow you to snap a photo using your iPad or iPhone up to 10 feet away

Anyone who’s ever looked into iPhone (or really any Apple product) accessories have realized at least one thing – they’re all so expensive! After receiving my first iPhone I was so excited to look into all the bells and whistles of accessories that are offered, which is when I realized just how expensive they were. […]


Finance Tips

Being in complete control of your money doesn’t require a degree in finance, nor do you have to work alongside personal finance experts. But since personal finance isn’t taught in schools, and because some parents don’t teach their kids how to manage money, many adults learn good financial skills by trial and error. There are […]


Balancing The Account By Hand

Financial experts recommend at least a three to six month cash reserve. This creates a nice safety net if you’re ever laid off from work or experience another emergency. If you have less than this amount in the bank, you’ve got some work to do. Understandably, growing your savings account isn’t always easy. Different factors […]


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