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What you can do to rid yourself of Zombie debt

Our life in 21st century is pretty fast and we want everything right now. This desire for various merchandise leads to unnecessary debts and when people realize that they are too much in debt, they get frustrated. Announcing bankruptcy is not the only solution to deal with debt issues. There are other ways to pay […]


Mortgage Tips

The rental property market continues to thrive, and anyone who is thinking about renting out property needs to find out what insurance is required. Many things can go wrong after giving tenants access to property, and landlord insurance protects against such eventualities. Accidents are likely to happen ranging from minor spills to extensive damage in […]


When Should You Start Saving for Your Child’s College Fund?

Navigating the everyday hurdles that your average college student faces almost daily is hard enough. Doing it while also broke is darn near impossible.  After experiencing the warm financial pillow that is afforded to most kids in high school the shock of suddenly being thrust the burden of financial independence can be almost crippling.  While […]


Buying New Car and Save Extra Bucks

Most car title lenders will not let you know that if you have a good credit score then you have more bargaining power to get better rates on your car title loan. The reality is, why should they tell you? It certainly is not in their interest to give you information that would reduce the […]


Balancing The Account By Hand

If you organized or found yourself with an annuity or structured settlement, you probably enjoy the monthly payments and the security they provide. But sometimes life throws a curveball, and you find that the structured payments that are built into your package aren’t enough to pay for your needs. This can happen a lot of […]


Financial Solutions

Many people are afraid of dealing with personal finance; however you should understand that this is the only possibility to build your own wealth. So here we have collected useful and easy advice that will help you overcome your financial fears and benefit from healthy finance. Make a budget It can sound like unnecessary thing, […]


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