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home loan

Selling your home doesn’t need to be a long, laborious process – there’s always a quicker way to do things. Check out the tips below to get started: When selling a property most people will tell you to expect the process to drag on for a good few months while the estate agents faff around […]



It is no secret that travel costs have skyrocketed in recent years. From super-high hotel rates to ever-rising airfares, getting out of town has become much more expensive. If you want to enjoy a fun family vacation this year, you will need to find creative ways to save money and bring those sky-high prices down […]



Whilst everyone is familiar with what a bank is and what services it offers to its customers the same can’t be said of a credit union. Credit unions are also financial institutions and offer their customers the chance to save money with them and borrow money too. One of the fundamental differences between a bank […]



Retiring takes planning and being able to sail off into the sunset and enjoy a comfortable retirement is not something you can achieve easily in just a few years. If you own a business and want to capitalize on the value that you have built up over the years and get a decent price that […]



Let’s get something out of the way up front: I have no tolerance for the typical stereotypes of women as shoppers who have no concept of a budget. That is just plain ludicrous, obnoxious, and offensive! More often than not, women are the backbone of household budgets. They are the ones who have a clue […]



Many business owners are aware of the convenience provided to customers and possible increase in sales when they begin to accept credit card payments. However, some questions still hinder them from embracing a credit card processing service. We take a look at some of these questions below. 1.       How will I accept payments after setting […]


Financial Solutions

Whether you have saved up a large amount of money over the years, recently sold an asset that has gained you a few thousand dollars, been awarded an enviable bonus at work, or even been left a sizeable amount of money in the will of a relative, investment is definitely one of the smartest things […]


Veterinary Care Financing Options

  Who doesn’t love a party?  Maybe those who have to foot the bill?  Yet, you don’t have to break the bank when inviting people over to spank the planks.  Being an unwise host will quickly accrue debt, but a bit of investment in frugal planning can get the party started and keep dollars in […]



Early on in life when you are climbing the career ladder or nurturing a growing family, it is easy to lose sight of your long-term financial future. But, before you know it, retirement is on the horizon and concerns about having enough money in the bank soon start to grow. For this reason, more and […]


50th Anniver

Applying for Social Security benefits might seem like a mountainous endeavor, but with help it’s not so bad. Here’s how to get it done simply and receive the benefits you’re entitled to. Get Your Birth Certificate   For most people, this will suffice. The SSA needs your birth certificate to prove that you’re you. You […]


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