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Contrary to popular belief, the services of financial advisers like those from Fingerprint Financial Planning aren’t reserved only for those with high earnings or approaching retirement. Even younger individuals with a modest income can potentially benefit from the knowledge and experience that these professionals can offer. After all, not only can they assist people in […]


There are certain situations where you could accumulate significant medical bills and owe a lot out-of-pocket, even when you have health insurance. For example, medical bills are one of the big reasons you might sue after a car accident that’s someone else’s fault. The money you recover in damages can go toward paying your out-of-pocket […]


Running any business is hard, but it’s even harder when the business you run is a small business. The sad truth is that it’s often harder for small businesses to survive or make a profit, because they often drown in a sea of competitors who have way more resources than them. While this may sound […]


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