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Writing Will

  Photo : kaushiknarasimhan If you are over thirty years of age and have some possessions in form of assets, investments or savings it is wise to make a will. After your death strange problems arise regarding possession and division of your assets and belongings in the absence of a will. The importance of a […]



  What’s a guy to do when he’s so deep in debt that he can’t climb out from under?  Like you are buried deep in a mile-wide snow drift in the Swiss Alps?  It’s time to take drastic action.  If this sounds like you, drastic means three things. First, you have to stop squirming and […]


Title vs Personal Loan

  There may come a time for many people when they need to borrow money to pay their bills or to meet a financial need. After all, USA Today indicates that four of every five Americans is going to experience or has experienced poverty, reliance on government aid or near poverty at some point over […]


Save the Most While Renting

By Jennifer Riner of Zillow Today’s competitive rental market benefits landlords. With so many prospective tenants, property managers are able to charge higher monthly rents for smaller, dated apartments. Although temporary, ideal rental properties should be convenient and comfortable for tenants without costing a fortune. Most landlords are cooperative with good tenants who pay rent […]


How to fix a bad credit score

I, like many individuals, fell into the trap of credit cards, student loans, and medical bills. As a young fellow, mid-twenties, I already had my first credit card at 18 which quickly maxed out and, due to my naive nature, into default. I was also the type of person to jump into college without really […]


Budgeting for Savings Can Help You Avoid Debt

Having fun and indulging in hobbies that we enjoy is an important part of life; but, it is easy to take this entitlement a bit too far, and get out of control with your spending with the idea that  you ‘’deserve’’ to do all of this stuff because you work hard, pay your bills on […]


Money tips for the Small Business

Owning a small business is the dream of many, but few take the leap because it is not easy. There is lots of hard work and lots of risk. If you have made the leap, congratulations on following your dream; you have a lot to learn. Ultimately mistakes will be made, and experience will be […]


Veterinary Care Financing Options

Pets, refer to those who are supposed to be tamed and domesticated by human beings to make them stay on with the latter for the rest of their lives. The practice of taming animals and birds is not just a recent one because, since ages, time has been witnessing humans to be getting along with […]


Mortgage Tips

Have you always wished to mortgage a house but failed every time? Chances are that you haven’t received the best mortgage advice. If you wish to grab a low mortgage rate this year, then you need to get your act together and start keeping your finances in order and take quick decisions in order to […]


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