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In 2015, microchips were integrated into debit and credit cards in the United States to make it more difficult to counterfeit cards. But identity thieves are a determined bunch, and though the introduction of the chip resulted in fewer counterfeit cards, cybercriminals developed a new method of identity theft – new account fraud – in […]



The World Wide Web brings with it a great amount of freedom to explore, access information, shop, and so on. However, as the old adage goes, this sort of freedom necessitates equally greater levels of personal accountability for what happens to you online. You wouldn’t dream of neglecting your credit card security, so why risk […]


You need a reliable credit monitoring service for checking your credit status and for protecting your profile with an identity theft protection plan. There are many credit monitoring services available online for you to access support tools with daily credit monitoring to help safeguard your identity. You will have the resource and the advantage to […]



By Michelle Studer See if you can solve this riddle: What is a bad presumption to hear from a potential date but a good impression to make on an identity thief? Give up? Here’s the answer: “You’re just not my type.” Congratulations if you already know how the answer applies to identity theft – read […]


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