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teen driver

One thing all young drivers know is that car insurance is not cheap. Sometimes it seems very unfair that insurers charge so much to younger drivers even when they are responsible drivers. But insurance works on statistics, and young drivers are statistically more dangerous. But all is not lost. There are a number of ways […]


4 Budget Friendly Ways to Secure Your Home

Buying your first home in Australia is not easy. Houses are expensive, sometimes as much as six times the average household income, and purchasing your first property is tough. According to figures from the ABS Survey of Income and Housing that are quoted in LifeHacker, in 2011, 640,000 people, or 21 percent of the market, […]



You talk on the phone a lot, you love watching T.V., and when you’re not doing that, you’re on the Internet. So, why are you paying for all three separately? Here are just some of the benefits of combining services into one. You Save Money One of the biggest benefits of combining all of your […]


What is Bankruptcy Exactly

If you are thinking of filing a personal injury lawsuit due to a road traffic accident, slip and fall, workplace injury or any other type of accident or injury you may be wondering how much exactly your case is worth. At the end of the day, the factors determining how much your claim is worth […]


Car Loan

Obviously safe driving is the number one factor when it comes to negotiating the best possible car insurance deal for yourself and your family. But it’s by no means the only one. If you’re prepared to dedicate a couple of hours to researching the best deals and making a few key adjustments to both your […]


Veterinary Care Financing Options

The long journey towards getting onto the property market can be painful and exhausting – and your wallet won’t thank you for it. But if you rearrange your finances and priorities a little, the path to getting your hands on the keys could be a lot shorter – here are seven easy steps to your […]


money transfer

Whether you’re booking a family holiday with tots too, buying a property abroad, receiving money from an overseas job, paying for your children to be educated at a prestigious foreign school or making regular transfers to relatives that live in a different part of the world – it makes sense to get your head around […]


home loan

Our homes are our biggest investment in our lives. Buying them, decorating and furnishing them takes time, money and dedication, and we continue pouring hard-earned cash into them until the day we die. A home owner always has ideas for improvement and renovation, whether it be on a larger scale, or just rearranging some furniture […]



A buoyant housing market in some parts of the UK means that deposits have risen by 88% since 2007, according to a survey carried out by the Halifax Building a Society and published in the International Business Times. This means that for many potential first time buyers the average cost of a deposit is around […]



It’s important to begin planning and saving for future before the future arrives. If you begin saving for retirement a few years before you want to retire, there isn’t any way to save as much as you need. Whether you know exactly what you want or not, preparing for the possibilities is wise. By planning […]



Is your daily commute cutting into your savings? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. The average American household spends 17.5 cents of every dollar on commuting costs, with most of that money going toward owning and maintaining a car. Looking for ways to cut the cost of your commute? Here are 15 ways […]


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