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If you are going to work with a financial adviser, it is not as simple as looking in the phone directory and choosing the first one you see. Because they are working with your hard-won nest egg, you need to carefully vet any potential adviser. Securities do not have the protections of the U.S. government […]


Affording the Best of Chicago

If you are looking to invest in a commercial property it would be prudent to get to know the different opportunities that are available and what aspects of each investment type you need to think about so that it aligns with your financial ambitions and risk profile. There are some highly distinguishable and different types […]


Automated trading a.k.a. algorithmic trading (algo trading) utilizes sophisticated computer programs to place trades. The algorithmic trading systems are based on a predefined set of rules, allowing for rapid-pace trading activity which cannot be matched by a human trader. This meritorious trading paradigm eliminates emotionally-based trading errors, and focuses on rules-based systems. Algo-trading is activated […]


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