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Source: Flickr This is a guest post from Mr Credit Card of www.askmrcreditcard.com. Mr Credit Card is going to talk about how he uses credit cards to help in his budgeting efforts, in addition to being a convenience tool. If you are looking for a credit card, please check out his best credit cards list […]



By Heaven Stubblefield When I first began working as a freelance writer I thought this income was going to be used for Christmas.  However, within my household, we had some changes take place and needed to use this income for more tangible things.  It is possible to budget on a freelancer’s salary.  All you need […]



By Virginia O’Connor Uncertainty about the current and future economy has pushed many Americans to start saving more and paying off more of their debt. Recent studies in 2008 and 2009 have indicated that as Americans are feeling less secure about their financial stability, they have begun to change their spending behavior. As confidence falls, […]



Two of the most important things you must do  after college are:  Conduct a “State of the Union” for your finances, sign-up (sic) for an online money management system”  Develop sound saving habits from the start” … and we couldn’t agree more. •l  Set up an online money management system Treating your finances seriously is […]


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You may think that having a budget is simply checking your bank statement to see where your hard earned money is going, but that is far from the whole process.  There are a lot of components involved in making a proper budget, but luckily, just looking at the bank statement is the first step.  In […]



Having a budget is the first step toward financial freedom.  Creating one will enable you to track your spending, save up for big purchases, control your credit card expenses, and gain financial wealth.  While it may seem like something that everyone does, it’s amazing how many people work hard and do not have a budget. […]



Congratulations! Most of you have made a tremendous step towards your personal finances by even starting a budget. Although difficult, it has become a necessity for many in this rough economy. Be that as it may, there are some other things you can do to make a real difference and even give yourself a raise! […]



Be smart on your vacation or business trip and you won’t have to budget for a loss. Here are 7 tips that came to mind for being smart & safe while traveling. As I wrap up my trip in China these tips definitely come in handy! 1) Once you arrive at your vacation or business […]


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