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 Holiday season is upon us and people are preparing to buy friends, family, and co-workers presents.  Even though black Friday and cyber Monday have passed, that doesn’t mean that the holiday shopping spree is over.  Stores are going to have deals throughout the rest of the month to try to boost 4th quarter sales.  A […]


 You probably notice the new design you are looking at as we recently have changed the theme.  As we are completing our new site redesign, we are experimenting with redesigning our blog.  We have more things that we are going to add to the blog in the future and are working on such as setting […]


 In today’s finance industry, when applying for a loan, 95% of lenders will submit your application through an automated system.  This automated system will determine if you will be approved or not based on your credit scores.  their automated systems do not look at credit history.  Most banks have set rules on how to qualify a borrower for […]


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