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We’ve mentioned this before and we’ll say it again: there are two ways you can regain control over your personal finance; by reducing your expenses and by finding new sources of income. The latter can help you overcome debt issues and allow you to cover more expenses. If you love being on social media, posting […]


There are plenty of ways to save on business expenses and overhead costs, but the best ways often involve letting employees take the initiatives. A motivated employee with a high sense of ownership and belonging is less likely to waste time – or money. In fact, through a strong corporate culture and a positive working […]


Electronics Shop

There can be nothing worse that seeing your business coming to an end. Most people face that. But, in their grief of losing something dear to them, i.e. their business nurtured with their heart and soul, they fail to realize the actual reason behind this mishappening. The same is the story of retail store owner. […]



As a resident of Finland, you will quickly discover that life can be immensely hard. Even those that hold a job will often have a difficult time getting their bills paid within a timely manner. And, this can be complicated even further by the sheer number of unexpected events that you may face. A vehicle […]


Lower Phone Bill

Insurance is a big expense for a lot of families and with so many different kinds of insurance available, it can be hard to keep track of them all.  Policy rates can also increase over time without you knowing, which means you could be missing out on valuable discounts and hundreds of dollars’ worth of […]


50th Anniver

Planning for your financial future is essential, especially during these times of economic uncertainty. With people predicted to end up working longer, a volatile political environment and many more money worries cropping up all the time, saving and preparing for retirement is a vital part of this. There are many things going on in the […]


Business in Budget

Due in part to the popularity of shows such as ABC’s Shark Tank and investor Mark Lemonis’ The Profit, new businesses are springing up more than at any other time in modern history. It’s a generally accepted reality that the only real path to financial freedom for most Americans is through building a successful company […]



There can be no arguing that the youth today perhaps have the best of everything in terms of lifestyle – gadgets and gizmos, travel, apparel, fine dining, etc. all are within very easy reach thanks to easy availability of credit cards and personal loans. However, many people have not been able to handle this profligate […]


Small business in budget

Having a nice set of white healthy teeth to show off when you smile is great for many reasons that we may consider obvious. It is attractive, prevents disease, and the people around it appreciate it when speaking to you. However, many underestimate the importance of great teeth when it comes to their professional life. […]


Title vs Personal Loan

About everyone dreads the thought of having to file for bankruptcy. Even though bankruptcy was previously perceived to be a bad idea and the worst debt relief strategy, it isn’t. There is even a law in the Constitution that approves the use of bankruptcy as an opportunity for debtors to start over afresh. However, this […]


Car Loan

The challenges of being involved in a car wreck are numerous. You may suffer several financial losses, and these can wreak havoc on your day-to-day life. In fact, studies show that 2.35 million people are hurt or disabled due to auto collisions annually. If this happens to you, it’s ideal to work to recover as […]


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