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Is a Good Smile Important for Business?

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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Having a nice set of white healthy teeth to show off when you smile is great for many reasons that we may consider obvious. It is attractive, prevents disease, and the people around it appreciate it when speaking to you. However, many underestimate the importance of great teeth when it comes to their professional life. They buy dental insurance, brush their teeth, and yet don’t consider taking the extra step to prioritize the white appearance of their teeth. The reality is that white teeth make all facets of our lives easier, especially socially and business wise. Whatever it is that you need to get done, the power of a set of white teeth may help make the difference between getting a promotion or that next position. While we don’t intend to imply that without a perfect set of whites that life will be somehow be more difficult, we do take into account that many forms of teeth whitening have become more affordable. Here are five reasons why it may be worth it if business success is important to you:


Business and confidence go hand in hand. And if you’ve ever had your teeth whitened before, you’ll know the difference in how it can make you feel about smiling freely in public. Not needing to shy away from smiling does wonders for our self-esteem. Those who smile without hesitation are perceived as more likeable and approachable than their more hesitant counterparts.


To people that may be exercising their right to judge you, having yellow teeth can unfortunately indicate more than poor dental hygiene habits. It’s now well-known that excessive smoking and coffee drinking help develop yellow teeth quite quickly. This occurs because the tobacco residue builds up in a permanent way over time. If you don’t want people to perceive you as a smoker or unhealthy in some other way, consider taking steps to whiten up.


In business, it is important that the people we speak with pay attention to what we are saying. While a client or colleague taking notice of your appearance may be a good thing, with yellow teeth, it’s not. An associate will have an easier time speaking about a deal when they get past your teeth and engage you without distractions. Because this is something we can all help, there really isn’t any good excuse.


Everyone from your boss, your underling, your clients, and spouse, pick up on your mood. Great teeth make a great smile, and great smiles helps bring positivity into your life. As this trait makes you a more attractive and sociable person, you’ll notice day to day interactions going more smoothly, bringing more happiness your way. When you walk into the office feeling great and smiling wide, people will simply assume everything is okay with you.

The alternative doesn’t help

If you still have doubts about the benefits of white teeth, consider the opposite, dark or yellow stained teeth. There is little doubt that this trait does not help you in business. From home whitening methods, to professionally supervised treatments, there is a way to brighten up everyone’s smile. If affordability is an issue, ask your California dental insurance provider if they may cover whitening treatments.

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