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Guest Post by Caren Williams whose articles are devoted to, the most popular ones are establishing positive credit and ways to get credit cards. In today’s challenging economy, money woes are the most pressing concern of the strong majority of households. While employers are slashing jobs, credit companies are raising interest rates and fees to […]



By Michelle Studer See if you can solve this riddle: What is a bad presumption to hear from a potential date but a good impression to make on an identity thief? Give up? Here’s the answer: “You’re just not my type.” Congratulations if you already know how the answer applies to identity theft – read […]



This is a guest post by Iain Ramsay of MoneySupermarket In recent years the mobile phone has become possibly one of mans most valuable assets. Everyone uses their phones for more than just calls, whether it is a teenage girl using an instant messenger service to communicate with friends or a high flying business man […]


By Craig Kessler It was that time of the month again for our monthly PF happy hour in the DC Metro area.  DebtHater chose the Black Squirrel, located in Adams Morgan.  Although a hike for me coming out from Arlington, it was worth it for the fun times, good conversations, ad large beer list. We discusses a […]


How is everybody doing?  We are in the middle of Spring and things are starting to really take form on the new BudgetPulse site.  We have completely revamped the entire personal budgeting software to allow fo easier navigation, and improved content and functionality based off of your requests. Just like the Triple Crown, we are […]



By Michelle Studer  Even with the best of intentions, credit cards can lead to bad trouble. Whether impulse control or financial desperation is the culprit, many people end up in a pickle over credit card debt. New laws to curb sneaky industry practices were passed late last year; unfortunately, they won’t go into effect until […]



By Michelle Studer Losing sleep over budget concerns? If money stress is making sleep hard to come by, you can lessen this anxiety by stashing as little as $500 in a savings account. According to a recent MSN Money Central article, this quick fix for financial stress was discovered by Stephen Brobeck, executive director for […]


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