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Wills: When To Make Them

The correct age to write a will is for a large part dependent on individual circumstances. Once an individual crosses the age of 18, they are allowed to write their will but more often than not, there are things that happen in the course of a person’s life that can change one’s mind about wills. […]


What you can do to rid yourself of Zombie debt

There are certain companies who look for debt collection from a very long time ago. Sometimes, there is a possibility that you may not owe a company any kind of debt in legal terms, however, these companies may come around asking you for payment of these debts. This is one of the newest tactics of […]


Affording the Best of Chicago

Where might you find 11,841 people? If you’re having trouble picturing that number of people, it’s one-fourth of Wrigley Field. What place holds 11,841 people? Surprisingly, it’s an average square mile of Chicago. So how does it feel to share your square mile with 11,840 other people? Crowded? Of course it does. That’s what has […]


What to Do if You Are Involved in an Accident

If you have been involved in any form of road traffic accident such as a car accident, or an accident involving public transport it can leave you feeling anxious, stressed and worried. It may be difficult for you to understand why the accident happened, or who was to blame. When you are in the moment […]


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