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I had the pleasure to speak with the girl who goes by Orange, and here is the second part of the interview that I had with her.  I  hope you all enjoy!


Another up and comer in the exciting blogosphere world is Jamie and her blog Just Getting Started.  She discusses about financial events in her life and decisions she has to make, and shares her journey along with her readers.  The situations she talks about are those a lot of people are in who are starting […]


One of the up and coming blogs I follow is by a 20+ girl who goes by the name Orange.  She writes a lot about money, finance, debt, savings, and life on a daily basis.  Orange’s Blog informs her readers on everyday information they would like to learn about and how it affects her own […]


Logo #1

As I have previously posted about recently, we are in the process of a complete site redesign.  We are working with nclud who is an extremely talented design company based in Washington DC.  The beginning part of the process is to determine what is going to be the identity of our brand and how we […]


BudgetPulse has been successfully pushed live and with it has integrated 2 brand new features that will allow for budgeting to be made easier.  The online budgeting tool added the much anticipated features… 1. Split transactions 2. Recurring expenses The design has been enhanced as well to allow for an easier access to view your […]


Scheduled Maintenance Update on Friday 9/12

September 11, 2008 | 8 Comments | Uncategorized

The site will temporarily be down on Friday Sept. 12th from 10AM to Sat Sept. 13th at 6PM due to a scheduled maintenance update.  When the site goes back live, it will contain additonal features which will improve the tool and help to create an easier experience for all of you.  Please contact us if […]


BudgetPulse Brand New Site Redesign Underway

September 4, 2008 | 5 Comments | Uncategorized

BudgetPulse will be receiving a facelift to the entire site that will be leaving everyone who views it, talking about it with everyone they know. We felt it was time for BudgetPulse to receive the necessary cosmetic updates that will help give it a more sleek and professional look to the money management tool. The […]


Short Delay For Updated Version of BudgetPulse

September 2, 2008 | 7 Comments | Uncategorized

There is a minor technical difficulty that is currently delaying the promised updated version of BudgetPulse featuring the new additional features of split transactions and recurring expenses.  The problem is currently being worked on right now and the much anticipated version will be available for everyone shortly. Keep checking for current updates and if you […]


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