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The Top 10 Reasons Not to Own a Car

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Wednesday, January 29, 2020


We have no idea what the future of car ownership will look like. There are self-driving cars for crying out loud!

There are so many benefits of not owning a car. You get to save money, help the environment, work on narrowing your waistline, and improving your mood.

In today’s age of ride-sharing and bicycle lanes, you don’t need to own a car.
Need more convincing?

We’ll dish out 10 reasons why you should ditch the car and start walking instead!

1. You Have to Buy a Car

Here is an obvious one to start our list: CARS ARE EXPENSIVE! In order to own a car, you have to buy a car.

In America, the average price for a new car is almost $36,700; a used car will run you about $22,000! Woo-wee.

When you buy a car, your credit will be checked. How is your credit? Did you know that it could possibly lower when there are major checks on your finances?

Even if you put down a substantial down payment, monthly payments are still What if your financial situation changes?

2. Registration and Inspection Fees to Own a Car

It cost how much to register in your state?! There’s a title fee?

Each state has its own parameters for how much registration or inspection will cost. Some states don’t even have inspection as a required part of getting your car on the road (yikes!).

You’d be shocked at the amount of unexpected fees flying your way.

3. Fluctuating Gas Prices

If you think you can afford gas prices now, wait a few days.

Gas prices go up and down like nobody’s business. In 2008, gas hit a peak of $4.11 a gallon, on average. Your car would have around 12-16 gallons of gas in it.

Don’t do the math, its scary and they were dark times.

But the point is, we never know when gas prices are going to soar. How can we?

4. Get Your Exercise In

When you don’t have a car to drive, you’re more apt to walk or bike places. If you’re like most of us, trying to find the energy after a long day of work can be hard.

What if you could just build your exercise into transportation?

What can exercise do for your health?

Experts recommend exercising on a daily basis. It can be so hard to fit that in.

A walk will not only have you refreshed but biking or walking 30 minutes a day can help you stick to a healthy weight, prevent cardio issues, reduce your risk of diabetes, and put you in a better mood.

So go ahead, walk to work. See how it works out for you. Maybe you don’t need a car after all.

5. Save the Environment!

Fossil fuel emissions are one of the leading causes of global climate change.

Not only does driving your car produce harmful fumes and have a detrimental impact on the environment, but the production itself of the vehicle creates waste. Some of that can be recycled, but it’s better to not contribute to the production in the first place.

So go ahead, sell my car, sell used car, sell car, sell your car, sell your car today and do your part in reducing emissions, you environmental health warrior.

6. Lease Instead

If you think you need a car, but don’t want to put in a large commitment try a lease.

You’ll want to think of the mileage you’d put on. Leases usually have 10,000 to 12,000 miles a year allowance. If you’re insisting on driving but think you could stay under this allowance, a lease may be for you.

7. There’s Ride Sharing

There are countless ride-sharing apps that exist these days. Even in smaller towns, it is easier to get around.

You really don’t need to own a car these days.

If you have to go to the grocery store? Ride-share.

Hospital to visit Grandma? Ride-share.

So ask yourself: Do I need a car?

If you work with your car, like in construction or delivery, you might. But for the majority of us, no. You could easily get through life without owning a car and without sacrificing your transportation.

8. Car Insurance Premiums

Similar to gas prices, we never know how much car insurance premiums will cost us. Over the past few years, insurance premiums have skyrocketed in price.

The average price of car insurance is $1,548 a year.

And the reason behind high insurance premiums- car accidents and damage! Stay away from it all and don’t get your own car.

9. Short-term Rentals

When you do have somewhere to go you can’t walk or rideshare, there are plentiful short-term rentals available on the market.

So if you’re thinking of getting rid of your car, but you still need a way to trek back home around the holidays, try short-term rentals and see what world opens up to you.

10. We Cannot Predict the Future

Gas prices, insurance premiums, car accidents. They adjust every year, and even monthly. We cannot predict what the economy will be like around the corner.

And it isn’t just the economy’s future we can’t predict. It’s our own.

We don’t KNOW if we can afford a car in 2 years. What if we lose our job? What if our health is compromised?

Owning a car is a financial commitment, and unfortunately, we don’t know what will happen to our money.

What Will You Do With Your Savings?

Now that you know that you can save money and be healthier if you ditch your car, its time to think about what you’ll do with all that moolah you’ll save up.

Perhaps a new house (you need one of those, unfortunately) or a dream vacation.

Or if you’re like us at New Life on a Homestead, you’ll put it towards your goal of self-sustainability.

You CAN do it! You don’t need to own a car. You’ve got this!


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