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Protecting Personal Finance with Landlord Insurance

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mortgage Tips

The rental property market continues to thrive, and anyone who is thinking about renting out property needs to find out what insurance is required. Many things can go wrong after giving tenants access to property, and landlord insurance protects against such eventualities. Accidents are likely to happen ranging from minor spills to extensive damage in the form of flooding.

Information about Landlord Insurance

— When people take on the responsibility of being landlords, standard insurance cover is not sufficient. Landlords who do not inform their insurance providers about their change in status, or that they are renting out their property, should not expect them to pay claims that may be made. This is why landlord insurance is a priority for any renter.

— Insurance will protect the actual structures that the property constitutes. If there are unexpected occurrences, such as flooding and fire, the insurer will cover expenses incurred from rebuilding. This gives the assurance that in case of such serious damage, the landlord does not need to worry about the financial responsibility of paying for repairs or rebuilding.

— Another important aspect of Landlord insurance is fittings. Property that is rented out when furnished needs protection because it contains the landlord’s stuff. Items such as beds and chairs can be protected from being stolen or damaged. Landlords can find polices that will cover their belongings. It is important to note that people who rent out property are not expected to insure their tenants’ personal property.

— Claims based on personal injury have been numerous, and protection against tenants who can take legal action is vital. This protects the landlord from the financial challenge of legal compensation that can be claimed by a tenant. If property has been accidentally destroyed and cannot be rented out, the cover will cater for the income that has been lost.

— For people who need to repay their mortgages on properties, insurance will ensure that they do not lose the property. Landlord insurance also covers legal expenses that result from a legal tussle with tenants. Disputes range from repossession of property to evictions.

— Landlords can also consider emergency coverage that will handle the costs of repairs that need to be carried out on an emergency basis. There are several aspects of landlord insurance and each of them is important for one’s peace of mind. It is a worthwhile investment and UKLandlordInsurance.com ensures that people have the information they need.

Insurers strive to make it easier for landlords to get the cover they need by offering different types of cover in one convenient package. Renting out property to people who one may not be well acquainted with involves risks. Landlord insurance provides the protection required if anything adverse happens.

A property insurance policy is based on the assumption that the owner of the home lives within the property. Landlords who are unlikely to live within their rentals require a policy of their own. Without landlord policies, insurers are at liberty to deny claims made because the risks associated with a home insurance policy are different from a landlord policy.


Jennifer Brown is an attorney who has written numerous articles for various websites and publications regarding real estate investment and insurance. For more information visit UK Landlord Insurance.com.

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