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3 Ways to Make Money Fast

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Friday, June 5, 2015

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This is usually the headline you’ll see on a bunch of thoughts that are too good to be true. In reality, there are no shortcuts to earning money. But it’s possible to specialize in a certain area enough so that you can enjoy better compensation for your rare talents. I’m going to talk about just 3 ways you can pull this off, but there are a whole world of others. Here are the three I like best.

ETX Forex Trading is an example of a broker who makes a certain kind of day trading available. Day trading always involved making quick decisions. If you’re ever seen movie depictions of day traders on Wall Street, the mood is always hectic. You’ve got people losing millions of dollars in seconds, while others see their net worth enlarged by an order of magnitude in the same amount of time. The form of day trading I’m talking about, Forex, is a little less intimidating. Rather than leave the comfort of your home, you’ll be able to make quick investments based on the value changes of currencies and stocks, relative to one another. If you get your anticipatory investment correct, you’ll win a lot of dividends based on how much the value changed in your favor. Get it wrong, and you’ll lose your investment. The great thing about Forex is that you can get a Demo account and test your skill out before you ever “play”. That way you can develop some real skill and get good before you start risking real money.

Get to know a market. This is another way you can make money fast. I’m a musician in addition to being a writer. I play synthesizers and I understand the synthesizer market intimately. As such, I’m able to spot a deal in seconds, and I also know where I can sell that item for a lot more than what I spent on it. I don’t get rich doing this, but I fund my habit and make a lot of money besides. Plus, if I ever need some money fast in my general life, I can just sell some gear. In this way, it’s kind of like buying and selling gold, except I get to use the stuff that I buy while I have it. So just pick something that you like, like a hobby, and figure out how to make money buying and selling it.

Become really good at one thing. I have spent a lot of time working as a writer and editor. As such, I know what I can produce and how quickly. I’m able to charge more for my work than some other writers, and more than I myself was able to charge just a year ago. Take a look at something you already do well, and figure out ways you can improve it, while you make money at it. By working on the job, you’ll get practical experience which is the best way to build skill. Once you’ve acquired real skills, use these to make more money faster.

So here we have Forex, musical gear, and writing skill. These are the three ways I’ve made a career for myself. It’s not a traditional career, but I’m making money faster than I ever have before. A lot of people need work like this, but don’t realize that there are lots of ways to make it, and you don’t have to have a traditional career to accomplish this.

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