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Are You Saving Enough For Your Medical Bills And Children’s Education?

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Tuesday, March 21, 2017


One of the question which is being constantly faced by all the Americans today is whether they are saving enough money for their medical bills and children’s education.As of late, the prices for the medical services have been raised. Moreover, due to the cancellation of Obama Care, it has become very difficult for people to afford the medical services in the country. Also, the fee of children’s college education is so high, that it has become mandatory for people to save money.

In fact, many families in the USA believe without making certain sacrifices, they would not be able to save enough money to afford the rising costs. When surveyed about what sacrifices are required for their children education and medical expenses, they revealed a plethora of day to day things which they have to give up.

Sacrifices By Families in the USA For Medical Expenses and Chidren’s College Fee

In order to find out the real sacrifices being made by many families in the USA to be able to save enough money for affording the medical expenses and the college education of their children, Coupon Dash conducted a survey among 1000 families in the country. They revealed insightful information about the diverse sacrifices they have been making in order to save money to take care of the medical and college bills.

Out of the surveyed families, about 52% admitted that they hold off from eating out, so they can save some money for the other purposes. Similarly, about half of the families said that they give up buying the new gadgets, as purchase of gadgets can be an expensive affair, and this money can be saved for other vital purposes. There are several people who sacrifice on new clothes and days out, and the percentage of these people are about 48% and 43% respectively.

About one third of the surveyed people said that they choose to save money over the vacations. They believe that vacations aren’t as important as saving money for the child’s college fee and for bearing the medical expenses. Putting their children’s future ahead of living for the now and taking vacations.

About one fourth of the people sacrifice takeaways to save money for the other important things in life. Many people also said that they are stressed because they are not eligible for Medicare and taking care of medical bills is an expensive affair.

Regional Effects On The Sacrifices Made By People

The research conducted by Coupon Dash also showed that the sacrifices made by people vary as per the region they live in. For instance,  people in rural areas make more sacrifices towards new clothes, meals out, vacations and days out, while the people living in the urban and suburban areas are more likely to sacrifice the purchase of new gadgets and takeaways.

With all these sacrifices, the families in the USA are planning to save money to bear the rising medical costs along with the college fee for their children.

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