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Budget The Fun Way With These Useful Hints And Tips

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Tuesday, August 18, 2015


With the economy still far from stable since the global financial crisis less than a decade ago, it’s pretty safe to say that more and more of us are far more careful with our money and are doing all that we can to save as much as we can, not just to live, but also to help to plan for the future as well. Nobody likes spending more than they have to, particularly when funds are already tight to begin with, and because of this, people are tightening their belts and are not only trying to save money, but are also trying to budget as well. Budgeting needn’t be a difficult process, and contrary to popular belief, it needn’t be a boring, un-enjoyable process either. Want proof? Take a look at these useful hints and tips for budgeting the fun way.

Don’t buy brand label products

Thanks to clever marketing and advertising campaigns, we’ve been led to believe that expensive brand label products are superior in some way, and as a result the supermarkets are able to get away with charging more for them. Rather than opting for brand label products however, instead, look for cheaper alternatives and don’t turn your noses up at the cheap value ranges either. If you purchase a tin of baked beans for example, if you try buying the cheapest versions, and the brand name version, but removed the labels from each, 9 times out of 10 you wouldn’t be able to taste any difference between the two anyway. More often than not, all you’re doing by buying brand name products is paying for the label itself, so don’t allow yourself to be fooled.

Give yourself a weekly cash limit

Rather than buying online, or using your cards to pay for items, instead why not try going to the nearest cash machine, giving yourself a weekly cash limit, drawing it out, and using that to pay for various expenses instead. When using your card, it’s easy to buy an extra drink here, a snack there etc, and although these are only small purchases, the small purchases quickly add up, making it much harder for you to keep track of them than if you were paying with cash. With cash, you know exactly what you’re spending, and what you have left.

Holiday at home

vacation safari

No, not really at home as in your own home, but don’t think that in order to enjoy a holiday, you need to spend thousands on an all inclusive holiday somewhere hot and sunny on the other side of the world. In the UK there are some of the most gorgeous locations in the entire planet, and whilst the weather may not always be up to scratch, the natural countryside and coastal resorts can more than make up for this. There are luxury lodges located all over the country, that are affordable, spacious, and absolutely stunning. Elephant lodge in Kent, is a perfect example of what we’re talking about and for more info on this lodge in Kent, click here.

Remember, budgeting isn’t always ideal, but it needn’t dominate your life either, and if you budget wisely, you can still have a very enjoyable life, whilst saving for your future in the process.

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