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Budgeting on a Freelancer’s Salary

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Tuesday, September 29, 2009


By Heaven Stubblefield

When I first began working as a freelance writer I thought this income was going to be used for Christmas.  However, within my household, we had some changes take place and needed to use this income for more tangible things.  It is possible to budget on a freelancer’s salary.  All you need is some careful planning and a strict way of thinking.

Before you begin working freelance, it is important to have a cushion of money in your savings account.  If you don’t, I strongly urge against leaving work full time for this type of income.  If, on the other hand, you were not working at all and this money is simply extra, enjoy!  You have earned this type of lifestyle after some careful planning and successful saving.  Here are some tips that make my freelance dollar go further.

Needs vs. Wants

If you are blessed to have a freelancer salary as extra income that is not needed to make your household function successfully, then this category doesn’t apply to you.  For me, it became a necessity when some medical bills came rolling in.  At first, I thought I needed name brand food and a cupboard of snacks for unexpected guests.  Now, when I go grocery shopping, I buy what I need at a discount grocery store and buy only what I need.  Shopping this way has helped not only trim the budget but also my waistline.  Keeping soda in the fridge has become a thing of the past.  Now I drink water, milk and juice and if I need a snack, I stick to a protein which keeps me fuller.

Even though I don’t like to shop for clothes, there has been a need to purchase some pieces of clothing.  While a freelancer’s lifestyle as a writer lends itself to a wardrobe of sweats and t-shirts, I have found opportunities to dress a little nicer.  For me, consignment shops and garage sales are the places for me.  Since I hate that I have to pay taxes on my hard-earned income, I prefer garage sales, as I don’t spend more than what is allowed by law to keep my closet filled with the necessities.

Finally, as mentioned, being strict with yourself is necessary in order to make your budget work.  I remember hearing stories on television of medical doctors during their residency living off of ramen noodles and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  With this new freedom comes the responsibility of staying true to yourself.  I know that during my morning walks in the park with my daughter that I cannot stop at Starbucks every morning for something yummy.  The gift I receive from being a freelance writer is getting to spend time with my daughter and be a mom, wife, then writer.  So making sacrifices like that is totally worth it.  Besides, I can do whatever I want during the day.  My fortunately, I know my budget is not as free as me.

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