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HoloLens and the Investor

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Tuesday, October 4, 2016


The world of investing has truly evolved over the past century. The buying and selling of stocks used to primarily be accomplished in person and the investment market was generally only available to those that could afford it. However, these days, investors come from all walks of life and from every facet of society. Much of the investing that takes place is accomplished online without the real need to be on the floor of the stock exchange. One thing that has changed is the level of investing that takes place.

The standard investor has to have a portfolio that is very diversified if they are to stay in the investment game for very long. The need for a diversified portfolio also calls for the ability to manage all of these accounts. The task can be a bit daunting without the right people in place, but the extra people watching out for your investments may be in jeopardy of losing out because of the amazing new technology coming to the market known as HoloLens.


For decades’ computers have being integrated with more and more technology to allow them to assist human kind. We have seen truly awe inspiring adaptations such as the ability to create a 3 D image with details directly on the screen, but with this technology the screen can be anywhere. This wearable computer headset allows the user to control where and what they by simply giving the computer the command or the simple swipe of the hand.

What Can This Mean for Investors?

When people think of this type of technology they immediately are taken to a world of virtual reality 3D games where you are able to be anyone and play against anyone throughout the world. Where the technology will enhance the gaming world, that is not its primary objective. What HoloLens is actual built for is to make way for the virtual office. The standard computer sitting on a desk while the user simply sits and types all day is going to become obsolete in a very short period of time.

The investor is able to project their investments on any surface throughout their office and therefore are not limited to just the pages that can fit on the screen. Investors have already found success with HoloLens with the ability to keep track of all of their investments at one time because they are only limited by the space in which they are occupying. The investor is easily able to put each of their stock trackers into individual bubbles and organize them into a fashion that is easy to read without the need for additional people to maintain order. In addition to the ability to organize, the investor will not be tied down to the desk and therefore will not be subjected to some of the health concerns that come with sitting down all day.

Easier Meetings

The standard investment meeting is usually conducted within the confines of a conference room. Although there are some cases where a person unable to attend can utilize programs such as Skype to be a part of the meeting, but for the most part, everyone is in attendance. HoloLens will do away with the standard conference room style meeting.

Instead of forcing everyone to be in the same room, HoloLens allows for far more flexibility when it comes the actual location of the meeting. Those that are able to attend will still be able to and interact with the other people within the meeting, but those that are unable to attend the meeting will no longer have to be in jeopardy of losing their job. The meeting can be conducted through augmented reality and therefore all will be able to be involved and take part from any location they choose.

The Future is Here

Every so often we are able to witness history in the making. From time to time an invention comes about that will change the way we as humans operate our daily lives. 3D animation changed the way we watch movies and also how we are able to look at many aspects of life. Virtual reality furthered the experience as well, but now with HoloLens we are able to do more than ever before.

There are some technologies that come to the market with primarily only one function. These devices are made for a time, but ultimately fade away with the introduction of the next big thing. HoloLens is not going to be one of those fly by night devices. It is going to continue to grow and improve, but also be able to be utilized by people throughout the world for every application. HoloLens will continue to change the way we see the world and also how we use computers in our daily lives.

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