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How to find budget-friendly houses for rent

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Friday, December 28, 2018


You may be a new couple looking to find a new house to start a family, a student looking for an apartment if you are not comfortable with the campus hostels or anyone moving out of your parents’ house looking for an affordable place to live. Here are a few steps you can use to find a house to an apartment;

Determine the affordability of the house

Globally, it has been determined that the rent expense should not exceed 30% of your salary. One should create a budget that incorporates other expenses such as food, electricity and gas bills, car payments and internet bills. This will also determine how much money will save so that they can sustain themselves in the house.

Search for houses with lower rental costs

Citylets offers many ways of ensuring that you land an apartment at a lower cost. One of the ways of ensuring this is through searching for apartments in areas outside the urban centers that are not far from your workplace. One should also ensure that the transport costs are not too expensive. Another convenient way is looking for a roommate who can help offset the costs. Some countries also offer subsidies for houses located in certain areas and one should be wise to take advantage of these opportunities.

Use of insurance

One should be able to include rental insurance in their rental costs. The importance of this insurance is to help one cover costs in case of unexpected circumstances such as burglary or damages caused by accidents.

Request for your credit report

It is important for one to personally request for their credit report before the landlord to ensure that your credit rating is good to convince the landlord to accept your application. This is crucial to ensure that you are not caught off-guard and miss out on the opportunity to get the house.

Start hunting for the house

One should start looking for a house, months before moving. This is because most renters are required to give a 30-day notice before they move out and one should take advantage of this window. While searching for houses factors to consider include price, transportation costs and distance, convenience regarding work and amenities and finally safety.

Gather the deposit/down payment

Most landlords require that the renters to give a down payment which may be for the first month or two before they move in. It is used as a guarantee by the landlord that you will be able to meet your monthly rent.

Gather all the appropriate documents

Most landlords require a renter to have documents such as your letter of employment, tax returns, and reference letter. The main purpose of these letters is to act as evidence that you can meet the monthly rent.

Do a walkthrough

After everything has been finalized, it’s advised that one does not move in yet. One should take a walk inside the house to confirm that everything is still in good condition. One should check for the lights, windows, doors and access points for rodents.

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