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How to Improve Your Savings

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Most people wish they could save a little bit more, and a lot of people might deem it near impossible due to their lifestyle and outgoings. Saving money doesn’t have to be a significant sum, however: often, it’s the small differences you can make and the tiny amounts here and there which add up to a good deal of savings in the future. By making smart choices as you go along, there’s no reason that you can’t save more money – and anything is better than nothing.

So how can you save better?

Put Money into Your Savings the Day You Get Paid

A lot of people aim to save what they can at the end of the month, based on what they have left over after expenses and living costs. Although it’s always important to ensure you have enough money to pay the bills, this is also an easy trap to fall into in terms of accidentally spending any money you wanted to save. By putting a set and agreed amount into your savings on the first day of the month, this means that the amount you are left with is free to spend and you don’t run the risk of forgetting to save.

Look for Rewards

If you need to apply for a new loan or credit card, look for companies or deals which offer rewards like Finty. This means you could earn cashback or monetary rewards on any new agreements you take out, which means extra cash to add to your savings pot.

Include Savings in Your List of Outgoings

In order to save better, you need to view savings as another expense rather than a bonus. If you form a budget plan by outlining all your monthly expenses, it’s a good idea to include a set savings amount into your list of outgoings. That way, you will always ensure that your savings amount is paid, just like you would for any other bill or non-negotiable outgoing.

Make a Grocery List

A lot of money can be wasted on extra grocery store items bought spur of the moment. Without proper preparation like checking your cupboards and fridge before you head to the store, you risk buying items which you don’t need, or which you might already have. By creating a strict grocery list ahead of time and sticking to it, you can make sure that extra cash can be saved.

Keep Track of Your Bills

The world of internet banking has made financial transactions a lot easier, and there’s really no excuse not to be aware of your monthly outgoings when you can now view everything online. By keeping track of exactly which bills are coming out every month, you can easily spot where money can be saved and which outgoings can be avoided. Being organized with your finances also means that you can notice any unnecessary charges, such as a subscription you forgot you had or a gym membership you forgot you signed up for.

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