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How to Make Your Resume Better and Get the Job You Want

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Monday, August 19, 2019


If your resume makes it past the screening system, you have seven seconds to make an impression on a hiring manager. You need to optimize your resume to make it past these screening processes and get your resume another look.

If you haven’t updated your resume for some time, you probably have outdated and unnecessary information. These issues will clutter your resume and keep hiring managers from learning why you should get an interview.

If you want to know how to make your resume better, there are five fixes you can put in place.

How to Make Your Resume Better

For an eye-catching resume, your best bet is to use a resume creator or template. These templates help you arrange the information so the most important information stands out. As you work through these templates, take the time to think about how your resume will get read.

Improve Resume Skim-ability

To make the most of those seven seconds you get to start, make your resume easy to skim through. This includes fonts and formatting. Use an easy-to-read font, and use your spacing to create natural breaks.

Take advantage of bullet points and numerals to highlight important info. It’s also a good idea to fix sentences so you don’t have one-word lines.

Use Numerals to Highlight Achievements

Numerals can grab attention in a block of text. They can also quantify your achievements to prove your experience.

Tell hiring managers how many people you’ve managed or how much money you’ve saved or generated for your previous employer. Give real examples of your claims.

Use Keywords When Making a Resume

Resume screening software scans for keywords related to the job description. Getting through this system is your first step to getting your resume noticed. Take the time to look for repeating keywords in the job description and sprinkle these through your resume.

Make sure you only use keywords that match your skills. List those skills that best match the required skills in the description. Put this information at the top of the resume to grab attention and show that you know what you’re applying for.

Remove Old and Irrelevant Info

You don’t have to list every job or experience you’ve had on your resume. You want your resume tailored to the job you’re applying for. You’re trying to highlight why you’re a good fit for the job you want.

Remove old or unrelated jobs from your experience. Remove high school info and dates you graduated from college. Remove skills not related to the position.

You can also remove the objectives section. Consider switching this out with a list of your most important skills.

Include Hyperlinks

Most resumes are read on computers these days. This means you can add hyperlinks to websites and networking sites that allow hiring managers to see more about your experience.

Include links to social media and networking sites. Include links to your websites. Give them something to make a better connection with who you are.

Showing Your Worth

If you learn how to make your resume better, you can show your real worth to hiring managers. You shouldn’t be afraid to change your situation if you know how to highlight your real worth.

The job search is about more than the resume though. You need proper financial planning to give yourself time to find the right job. Check out more tips and resources on this site to help you with your job-hunting plans.



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