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How to Use a Binary Options Trading Demo Account

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Wednesday, December 23, 2015


When you first decide to research binary options trading, you may be overwhelmed by the plethora of choices— from the different types of assets, strategies, “calls” and “puts” all the way to automatic trading robots. The best way to ease your way into binary options trading is to open a demo account with one or more online brokers to get a feel for the way trades will happen before you decide to risk your personal funds.

Types of Assets

There are four specific types of assets that you can trade through binary options. Commodities, include things such as corn, wheat, oil, gold, silver and platinum. Stocks encompass top publicly-traded companies around the world and indices, which are groupings of stocks such as the NASDAQ, Dow Jones, FTSE and others. Together, these four types of assets allow you to choose businesses that you have an understanding of or want to learn more about in order to begin trading binary options.

How Demo Accounts Work

Setting up a demo account with a binary options broker should be an uncomplicated process that involves defining the types of trades you will be making. You will be given a set of demo credits, and an unblocked listing of assets that you can trade against. That is when the fun begins! If you use up all of your demo credits and are still not comfortable with your trading strategies, a reasonable broker will be happy to provide you with more so you can continue to practice before deciding how much you are willing to risk.

Benefits of a Binary Options Trading Demo Account

One of the main benefits of setting up a binary options trading account is that these free accounts can be set up at multiple brokerages so you have a chance to get comfortable with the broker before you decide who gets to take a chance with your personal capital. Not all demo accounts or brokerage platforms are the same; some are more user-friendly and offer more options, which are two things that you should be looking for in a successful brokerage site. Additionally, you may find that some brokers have a slow website, which is something you absolutely want to avoid! The site needs to move quickly no matter your connection speed to ensure that your calls and puts are executed at exactly the expiry date of your contract.

In conclusion, demo accounts are a safe way to test-drive different brokerage houses before you decide who to partner with. You should have a successful experience on one or more demo accounts before you decide to trade binary options. Check the following links for more info:



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