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Money Making : 10 Ways to Get Paid for Staying Online

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Sunday, December 18, 2016


The internet offers a solid money-minting platform for those who are willing to stay online and make passive income. By simply staying online and doing something extra, you can make additional revenue from the multiple money-minting opportunities available online. Which are some of them?

Pay to Click Sites offer incredible online moneymaking opportunity. You do need any advanced or special skills to click adverts. With sites lie Clix Sense, you only need to sign up and click adverts then wait for dollar in your account!

Online bogging is yet another money making venture. You do not need any significant investment to own and successfully run a blog. You can earn up to $10,000 or more by offering your blog as an advertisement platform for Google AdSense and Bing Ads.

Online writing is yet another lucrative venture for those with basic writing skills. You can write web content and sell them to site owners. Other publishing houses also pay online writers for great stories and publications.

You can take advantage of affiliate marketing and make incredible money online. Through affiliate marketing, you can make business realise their dreams and get paid in the process. It is all about promoting and selling other people’s products on your site!

Are you passionate about writing? You can take a further step and write e-books then sell them online. Although the market saturated lately, you can still inform people about certain technical aspects and be paid in the process.

Do you have specialized skills in areas like search engine optimisation? You can take advantage of sites like Fiver, which present you the opportunity of selling professional gigs. If you are offering Chicago SEO services for instance, you can also utilise such opportunities to promote your business.

Do you have something you don’t need? You can make some money out of it by auctioning on sites like EBay. It does not take much efforts or resources to take advantage of this opportunity.

Becoming a virtual assistant is the other easier way of making money online. You only need to equip yourself with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint skills among others. Most importantly, you need to have effective communication skills.

Paid Web Searches; every day before you get to a website, you search for it. What you didn’t know is that you can actually be paid for doing that. Sites like Qmee.com are perfect monetary solutions to online internet users. By installing an add on to your browser, you can make use of the extra Qmee sponsored links and earn some cash with every search. You will only need to wait until the money accumulates before cashing out your earnings!

Online Investment Networks: Platforms like stock exchange and Forex trading are untapped gold mines. People have made billions through these internet businesses. With as little as $100, you can start Forex trading. To get the most value for your money however, you will need some training. The good news is that several investment platforms are willing to offer the valuable asset of knowledge; all for free!

The internet is a perfect money-minting platform for those who are determined to make it more than an information centre. With a few skills and determination, you can start being paid for staying online!


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