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Need Auto Insurance? What to Consider When Choosing a Carrier

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Having car insurance is a given, and you may already know the type of coverage that’s right for you. But how do you know if the company you’re partnering with is solid and reputable?

If you’re dragging your feet in committing to an insurance company, these tips will get you back on track.

Company Reviews

Ask your friends and family for recommendations. Do a quick Google search and read the customer reviews. Does the insurance company measure up?

How many negative reviews appear, and why? Do the good reviews sound fake? Are the bad reviews due to something a customer didn’t understand or did the company drop the ball? Filtering through online reviews can help you figure out where to begin.

Customer Service

If you get into a car accident, how responsive is the insurance carrier? Levels of assistance can vary. Some car insurance companies offer 24-hour in-house claim centers, while others have an agent in your area reach out to help.

Many insurance companies have mobile apps, though the quality of these apps can vary. The best insurance apps include important reminders on what to do after an accident. They provide an easy way to take photos and submit the other driver’s information.

Target Customers

Do you have too many companies on your list? Trim your list faster by checking if any of the companies cater to a specific type of customer. Some car insurance companies work with drivers who are high-risk or who previously served in the military. Others cater to those who own classic cars or luxury vehicles. Some focus on a particular region or area.

If you don’t fit the mold, you may not receive the best rate or the best service you could with a different carrier. If you do fit those profiles, then you may want to check their quotes first.

Discounts and Deals

You know all about discounts for good drivers and students. But auto insurance companies offer a larger assortment of lesser-known discounts, too. What kind of deals does a potential company have to benefit you? Think: anti-theft additions to your car, memberships in clubs, associations, and/or unions and multiple car family discounts.

Some insurance companies provide discounted rates if you stick with them over the years. Others offer money off for paying your insurance all at once each year. If you’re also shopping for a home or motorcycle insurance, bundling your policies can save more money.

Accident Repair

What happens when the worst happens? After an accident, your insurance company will repair, rebuild or replace damaged parts. But how do repairs work?

Do you have to bring your car to a specific mechanic or can you use your own? Are you provided with a loaner car and for how long? What happens if repairs take longer than the estimate? Will you be on your own or can you receive special rates? Read the fine print of a policy to find out.

Pick Your Provider

Are you still wondering, “What is the best and cheapest car insurance?” Kanetix can help you figure out your best options. From good rates to fast quotes and long-term experience in the industry, Kanetix has the tools to help you make the right decision.

Whatever you do, don’t put off purchasing car insurance. Compare how claims are handled and the coverage you’ll receive. Read over contracts and see what policy best fits your needs. It may take less time than you think.


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