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Online Business Ideas for Designers

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Friday, November 23, 2018


Image credit: rawpixel

Graphic design is something we can’t imagine any business without – either the business is stationary or an online one. Everybody needs leaflets, logos, website designs, and so much more. All the creative professions are unimaginable without the designers.

Graphic design has so many different paths it could lead you, and it’s always evolving – so how to choose what is the best way for you? Here are some different ideas that can help you decide which way you were meant to go.

Design and Sell T-Shirts

To design and sell t shirts online could a fun thing to do and to make it easy as well, you can use printify.com that will help you create the designs faster. Selling t-shirts, in general, is a brilliant idea, because t-shirts with logos and signs have a very wide target audience. Also, if you choose to do it with print on demand, then you won’t need to invest a dime into it.

Create and Sell Patterns

You could have a website that would become your own smaller version of pattern stock. You could also provide a service of creating specific patterns on request. Some wordpress forms, for example, the ones for accepting requests from potential clients, can be found on https://captainform.com/ and make the process faster.

Editing Photos

There are many people who might need a service of photo editing. You’d probably be surprised, but sometimes even photographers tend to buy this service, because there just are these people who like to take pictures, but don’t like to edit them for hours.

Teach Others

If you have been using PhotoShop and Illustrator for years and years and do not know what to do with your experience, you can start sharing your knowledge and start teaching others. One way is to teach others directly or online, by hosting sessions and the other one is to create a video course that you can sell on a website of your own or on special platforms.

Creating Fun Comics

Comics are something really fun and highly likable. And there are so many ways you could go with this: you could create a Facebook page for your comics, publish it on DeviantArt, have a blog or even print and publish your comics.

Creating Signs and Stickers

As a designer, you have the power to draw and create anything you want. You can sell your creations on a website, but if you don’t want to invest in it yet, you can sell your stickers and signs on a Facebook page.

Create a Youtube Channel

If you enjoy teaching others, a good idea is to create a youtube channel where you could make tutorials, people who follow you could suggest themes for future videos. It’s even better if you have a blog or website – then you can cooperate with other websites to promote your material and gain more customers as a graphic designer. You can use templates to create a website faster.

Create Your Own Fonts

It might seem a very simple idea, but you have to admit that fonts are important in so many designs. And do you know the feeling, when you just can’t seem to find the right one? Well, you can be the savior for other designers in this case.

Creating Coloring Books

If you have kids, you probably have searched Google in order to find and print something for them to color. So here you could go two ways: either print actual coloring books or have a blog/website where people could download different designs for coloring.

Give Away Freebies

If you wish to become a wanted designer with experience, the one that people recommend to their friends and colleagues, you might have to start by giving away freebies. It’s a very popular method to gain experience and become known, just don’t forget to add a watermark or a specific signature on your designs. Don’t forget to put up your work on Pinterest – this kind of content is very popular on this platform.

Sell Your Work on Etsy

As a graphic designer, you can create so many different things. It can be stickers, posters, greeting cards, and so much more. If you start selling it on Etsy, you’ll have the whole target audience in one place and won’t have to put in a lot of work in advertising.

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