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Risks Minimization with 24 Hour Car Insurance

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Friday, July 12, 2019


The debate has been done for long by the auto vehicle owners whether monthly insurance bills suit to their budget or not. Where most people have avoided the insurance companies because of long term monthly payment plans, a 24-hour car insurance policy has been introduced by some of the Insurance Companies.

24-hour car insurance policy allows individuals to get their cars insured for a period of one day. If you are planning a road trip to another city or traveling by road to a holiday destination then you can get your car insured temporarily. This is the best insurance facility one can avail to reduce the risks a road trip poses to the driver.

The short term insurance policy can be extended up to 28 days as per the requirements of the customers. Most insurance companies policies do not favor this short term policy introductions and if they offer, the terms and conditions might be strict than the regular policies.

These type of temporary insurance plans are not usually promoted by the insurance companies so one needs to reach out to different insurance companies. When you will find the insurance company offering a policy of 24-hour car insurance you will have to give them complete details. The details of the car like registration number, car maker and model, and the condition would be evaluated. Driver license details will be needed also to get the most accurate quotation.

Temporary car insurance is useful to many businesses and individuals. This is widely used in the Car Rental business where they don’t purchase insurance on their own but have their clients pay for the insurance charges to the number of days the car would be in use. In this way, both of them are satisfied and the client relationship is strengthened.

If someone is borrowing a car from someone and they don’t want to risk the car during the trip. They feel convenient to avail instant insurance policy offered by the insurance companies and travel with a peaceful state of mind. Also, someone who has bought a new car and wants to extend the evaluation process of permanent car insurance, they should opt for temporary insurance to travel on the road without risks.

There is not much difference in 24-hour car insurance and regular insurance policies. The terms of coverage are almost the same in both. Obviously, the only factor that is different is the time frame. The recovery terms and conditions remain the same for most of the insurance companies.

One day insurance policy is way cheaper than other policies offered generally if you see from the perspective of short term usage. In the long run, general car insurance policy is the best solution as one cannot prolong the temporary insurance as it will be causing some extra dollars in comparison. The insurance policy for auto vehicles is a necessity nowadays so one should be always driving an insured car. Which policy suits best is the personal decision of an individual according to their requirements.

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