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Safety Guidelines to Keep Your Credit Info out of Harm’s Way

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Monday, January 8, 2018


If you have lost your credit card, you need to instantly connect the credit card company and let them know so they can take proper action. You can’t afford any show of laziness in such case.

When you lose your card, you don’t lose anything, but you are at a greater risk of losing your money. Therefore you should take proper action and prevent any harm from coming. Keep smart and contact the responsible companies,so they help you keep your info safe.

Following, we are giving you a few guidelines of what to do in such case scenarios.

Online Use

When you shop online, you need to keep an eye on thelocked padlock icon in thetoolbar with “https” in theaddress bar. Make sure your antivirus is up to date. Don’t click hyperlinks from unknown emails.

Never give your details to anyone contacting you and proposing some transaction. Likewise, if someone approaches via social media, you have to find thecompany name and find the actual company before doing something.

There are a few security services that lock your card from buying anything from international sites. When you want to buy something, you can unlock these restrictions, and go on with the transaction.

Retail Stores

Make sure your PIN is hard to guess. You have to avoid combinations that related to name, birthday or anything that is common knowledge. Never share your Pin with someone, and cover hands while you enter your PIN.

Keep your credit card visible when you make payments. Don’t lose sight of when in use.


You better inform the companies to where you are headed,so they don’t put a hold on your card for security reasons. Don’t keep all cards in one place. It will be a wreck if your purse or wallet is misplaced. Keep cards close to you all the time.

Update your contact details so you can get in contact if anything happens. There are many

Losing your card

Can’t you find your card? If you are sure,it has been misplaced or stolen, contact the Small Business Credit Cardscompany to put a lock so it can’t be usedIf you don’t find it, or you believe someone else has it, who may know your pin, then you better inform the credit card company and cancel the card.

Do this, and order a new card. When the new one arrives, activate it with a whole new PIN.

Suspicious Activity

You need to review your credit statement regularly with attention to detail.  You have to check for records and make sure there is nothing suspicious there. In case you find such activity, you need to inform the company about this fraudulent so you can claim repairs for the damage.

Keep your card, numbers, Pins, Passwords, devices or anything used to access your fiancés secured at all time. If you lose something, you need to notify the company at the instant so they can take proper action to minimize damage.

Last but not least, carefully read the terms of use for your credit card.


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