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Saving Energy and Money: The Importance of Annual Air Conditioning Check Ups

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Wednesday, July 29, 2015

HVAC Maintenance

Whenever your HVAC system is running, it is accumulating dust and dirt that will inevitably affect its level of performance and efficiency if it is left unchecked for a period of time.

The fact that your air conditioning unit can lose at least 5% of its operating efficiency within 12 months due to this buildup, is just one fundamental reason why you need to ensure that your HVAC system gets a health check every 12 months at least.

Save money in the long run

You will find that many professional companies such as Griffith Energy Services amongst others, will be able to offer you competitively-priced preventative maintenance inspections where they will clean and service your HVAC unit and replace your air filter.

You will be able to find plenty of homeowners who will be of the opinion that the cost of these inspections often pay for themselves as they give you the opportunity to save money on your utility bills and prolong the life of your unit, as a result of paying for an annual service and check up.

Extend the life of your unit

Regular system maintenance and annual check up’s will help to keep your unit running efficiently and in many cases, you will be helping to extend the life of your HVAC system as well.

Regardless of whether you have a reasonably new system or an older version, a service call can help to keep your system operating in the way that it was designed to in addition to improving your odds of increasing the lifespan of your unit, you will often increase your odds of avoiding an emergency service call, because faults are often spotted before they become a breakdown issue.


It is also important to note that if your system is still under warranty, you might actually be required to have regular maintenance carried out in order to keep the warranty valid and allow you to claim if you need to.

Even simple tasks that are carried out with routine maintenance such as cleaning the evaporator coils and condenser, as well as replacing the air filter, will not only increase the efficiency of your unit, but it could also help to validate your warranty.

What to expect

You can expect the technician to carry out a number of different tasks when they come to do a seasonal check up.

A typical maintenance schedule will often involve inspecting the mechanical components and checking the wiring on your system for any signs of deterioration or damage. The technician will also check the filters, vents and registers for any dirt or damage, as these can cause inefficient airflow.

They will also arrange to inspect and clean if necessary, the evaporator coils and the condenser on your air conditioning unit and provide you with a note of and explanation of any repairs or issues that need attention or rectifying.

Arranging an annual inspection of your air conditioning unit makes a lot of financial sense as it can help you actually save money on your energy bill and identify any faults before they become a major issue.

Aaron A. Pierce is an air conditioning contractor. He likes to write about home improvement online. His articles can be found mainly on DIY and home improvement sites.

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