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Saving Money on First Dates

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Monday, September 14, 2009


By Heaven Stubblefield

Congratulations!  You have found yourself liking someone else and wanting to spend time with them.  While it seems that a lot of money goes into impressing that special someone, you can be in a successful relationship without breaking your bank.  As a woman who has been on a lot of dates, I know that the amount of money you spend might impress your date a little, but in the long haul, will not guarantee a second date.  Here are some guidelines on how to save money on the first date. To save myself embarrassment and from being called old fashioned,  I’m going to write this as if a man were looking for tips on how to save money.  But please ladies, with the use of your woman power, you can totally ask a guy out and follow the tips below, so forgive me for using “her.”

1. Do away with dinner: I was talking to my friend who is still in the dating scene, and she said dinners are out.  They are too formal, too uncomfortable, and just not the thing to do when you are out on first date.  Invite her out for a cup of coffee, to a free book reading, to drinks and appetizers at happy hour (which are often half price), or to a park to take a walk.  Conversation is so much more valuable.  And if she gets to know you, you just might walk away with a first date kiss.

2. Use your wallet before the date: As a thrifty shopper, I am always looking for ways to save money.  Recently on the radio, there has been a huge surge on buying gift cards at reduced rates.  One radio station sells gift cards to nice restaurants at half the price.  For example, you spend $25.00 on the card that is worth $50.00.  She doesn’t need to know how much you spent on the gift card.  Just be sure to have cash on hand for the tip.

3. Regift: I know, you might be thinking I’m a cheap, but, for Christmas and your birthday, ask for gift cards to your favorite restaurant, movie theater, or amusement park.  That way, if you do splurge on a first date, it’s on Grandma’s dollar and not yours.  And don’t be afraid to share that with her.  Tell her you were saving it for that special someone, she’ll love it.

4. If you want the dinner and a movie, switch it up: Matinees are considerably less expensive than a night movie.  Also, if you splurge on popcorn, which for me is a must, dinner will be more like appetizers and drinks, which will save you money.  If you go to dinner first, you might not have anything to talk about, but if you go after, the contents of the movie just might help a shy guy out.

5. Do what she likes while being romantic, not frivolous. The best first date I went on (which was with my now husband) was a walk around campus and a game of pool.  We each bought a round of drinks for each other, which was $5.00, and he supplied quarters for the game.  There was good conversation, some singing along with the juke box, and a little competition – virtually no money involved at all.

Just remember, the right girl is not interested in your bank account, just you.  Forget the finances and bring on the charm. Happy dating!

What are some first date money saving tips you have?

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