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Shopping Smart: Simple Little Ways to Save Big Cash on Concerts, Sports and Events

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Tuesday, February 21, 2017


From concerts to sporting events, the majority of ticket prices come with a high price tag. With the average price of an NFL sports ticket in 2016 being a huge $92, concert ticket prices have increased a staggering 43% in the past three years. It’s not hard to see that, as every year goes by, it gets harder and harder to get decent event tickets for lower prices, especially if there’s high demand for them.

But, if there’s an event coming up on the horizon you’re dying to go to but are worried about the cost, you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find some simple yet effective tips to save some serious cash for almost all popular events including sports, concerts and theater tickets, leaving you never having to bow out of an event because of the price again.

Do your research

When an event date is announced, the majority of people head straight over to the site of origin to get their tickets. Whilst this is a sure-fire way of getting tickets from a fully legitimate source, you’re likely to be paying the highest possible price out there.

Many people don’t realize that there are plenty of other websites that sell fully legitimate tickets without expensive booking fees or any hidden extras that can add a significant cost to your final bill. No fee tickets can be difficult to find but, as long as you do your research and uncover the right sites like this one to avoid scams, you’re sure to get tickets cheaper than ever.

Take your time

Whilst you may want to buy your event tickets right away to avoid disappointment, this isn’t usually the most cost-effective method. Whilst it may seem nail-bitingly nerve wracking to wait until the final week to book your tickets, the price is almost guaranteed to be lower than when the tickets are initially released.

To give yourself peace of mind, reassure yourself with the fact that, in the majority of Broadway shows, almost 50% of tickets are sold the week of the event which can sometimes be months after tickets are first released. So, whilst this method could be classed as slightly risky, you’re pretty certain to get your tickets cheaper if you wait to buy instead of purchasing them immediately after their release.

Check out other cities

In the case of a concert or theater show, it’s likely they’ll be part of an ongoing tour in a variety of different cities. If this is the case, it’s important to check out how in-demand tickets are in nearby cities other than your own.

For example, if the event is in extremely high-demand in your home city but doesn’t appear to be as popular in a nearby city, your best option for saving some cash would be to wait it out until the final week and buy your tickets for the nearby city instead. This is why checking out ticket demand is super important, as you’re able to establish which cities are worth waiting for in terms of the event’s popularity.

Consider booking on a weeknight

Generally, weekends are always the most popular time for events simply because fewer people tend to work on weekends. However, weekends also come with a mighty high price tag because event companies know that these are likely to be the tickets with the highest public demand.

So, if you’re able to plan ahead and opt for a weeknight instead, you’re likely to experience less demand for tickets as well as a lower price tag! Perfect if you’re planning to go to an event alone or with a small group, weeknight tickets are a sure-fire way of saving cash for everyone involved. However, if you’re organizing tickets for a large group of people, it’s vital to plan in advance and accept that a weeknight may not suit everyone involved.

Everyone has the right to attend events they love, but finances can often get in the way of whether you’re able to purchase tickets or not. However, the above tips give a wide variety of money-saving methods you can use across almost all ticketed events, giving you the opportunity to save cash without having to miss out! And, the more experienced you get with purchasing tickets for different events using these methods, you’ll learn which techniques work best for each event category, meaning you’ll save both time and money in the process.

Corey Smart is a money saving champion! He enjoys going to concerts and a wide variety of events with his family, but never pays full price for a ticket – He shares how he does it.

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