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Six Signs Your Falling for a Get Rich Quick Scheme

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Friday, June 17, 2011


This guest post is contributed by Anthony Benedict. Anthony helps to run and maintain CreditDonkey.com – Which is a credit card comparison website, guiding business owners and personal card holders to the best options for credit cards.

With the current circumstances with the economy there is no surprise that people are trying to make money in every way including scammers. Understand that scammers are present whether the economy is good or bad but schemes tend to be higher due to the current situation of the economy. Work at home jobs might look very persuasive for a person in desperate need of money but don’t let the need of money cloud your judgment in seeing what is in front of you. Learn about 6 telling signs that will be of assistance to you to not becoming the next victim of a get rich quick scheme.

Too Good to Be True- Most people have heard of the saying ‘if it looks too good to be true, it probably is’; in this case this saying is often accurate. If the company is offering a job which pays thousands a day, a week or month to perform a job online than you should take a vigilant look into it before jumping in. Keep in mind that if these types of jobs were possible unemployment rate across the country won’t be so elevated. If it is possible to make this much money than the job duties being described is almost certainly much more complicated.

Too Much Personal Information Needed- This is where your judgment and natural instinct will be critical. When company is asking for things like a birth certificate, business credit cards information, personal banking accounts, social security number and copy of your driver’s license than they are probably trying to steal your identity. Submitting a W9 form is acceptable but anything beyond this you should skeptical. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Asking For Money- What previous employment have you had where the business ask for you to pay any sort of money upfront? This should stand out as being very suspicious. Any legitimate business hiring almost never ask for any kind of payment. This is the foundation of the pyrmaid scheme, so if yous ee this, just keep your credit cards in your pocket, and don’t think about paying to sign up for a job.

Little To No Information About the ‘Company’- Search engines can be someone’s best friend especially trying to seek out the difference between legitimate work at home jobs and the schemes. The search engine can be to your advantage leverage in this battle so utilize it. A well established and proven business will have information about their business not including ‘their’ website. There are tons of forums based around work at home jobs and usually no rock is left unturned. In this current economy a work at home job that is legitimate will usually be well spoken of especially online and within news media outlets. If you are researching the company and little to no information is coming up than start looking the other way.

Bad Reviews- Another advantage on your side would be review websites. You might have done research online and noticed that the company has been in business for a few years or more but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear just yet. A company that has been in the business for years; who claims to pay you good money to work at home but has majority of horrible reviews then this is another sign of a scheme. Also check for the business at the Better Business Bureau website.

Flashy Websites- The business website should be very clean and presentable wise. You would steer clear from websites that shows piles of money, fancy cars and big houses. They use these types of images to create a dream image your mind. These images are not needed by legitimate companies since they don’t need to convince or draw people in comparison to businesses quick rich schemes which are based on dreams.

You can prevent yourself from being the next victim by just following the 6 signs above, having common sense and using your natural inner feelings. The main reason some of these scams work is because of desperation. Don’t let the desperation cloud your judgment in recognizing a get rich quick scheme.

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