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Funny Money Grubbing Secret Tips From All of You

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Everyone is trying to save a little bit of money somehow, and sometimes are developing little tactics to cut corners in doing so.   There is nothing wrong with it, and people are trying to better themselves, often with ways that are funny and unique.  These little money grubbing secrets are often the little things people do to try to help them save a little bit and hide the fact that they are doing it.  In reality, most have thought of these, and even more perform them.  Here’s to some funny money grubbing secrets that people have made aware they do or have done in the past.

But first we will start with me.

Before I started my Netflix account, I signed up for the two week free trial from Blockbuster to rent movies.  I would then rent 1-2 movies a day and burn the  DVD’s so I can keep the movies for the future.  Once the two week trial ended I discontinued my service.  I was able to get a bunch of free DVD’s that way.

Now here are some of yours.


My personal money grubbing secret is to not buy things I want, but only need, and then ask for the wants as Christmas presents. For example, I love smelly soaps, but they’re expensive, so I buy the super cheap not nice ones. But for Christmas I ask for smelly ones.

Evolution of wealth

This book sounds funny so pretty funny. I’ll have to chime in for a shot at it. My secret is that I love McDonald’s straws. Whenever I go I like to grab a huge handful of straws to take with me. I admit it.


I am a strictly clearance shopper and not just any clearance is good 75 percent off or better thanks


I take the clothes out of the dryer after they’ve been only a few minutes and I hang it all.


Go to Costco at lunchtime and make a meal out of all the freebies.


I use coupons whenever I can if you would consider that “money grubbing”…This looks like a great book that hopefully I could use some tricks to be cheaper yet…


If I like a product I let the company know it–and often I’m rewarded with great coupons (often for free merchandise)


I grab an extra set of plastic flatware when I get takeout and keep it in my office.


I ask for ketchup and BBQ packets when I go out, even though I have a large stash at home. I take plasticware with me from restaurants and use it as needed at home or at work. I don’t buy paper plates anymore because it’s much cheaper to just wash the real dishes. And lastly (and most disgustingly, I know), I don’t buy tampons to keep at home because my office stocks them in the ladies restroom. I just use them at work and then take one home with me.


I cut coupons, and recycle plastic forks…


I make my own coffee, instead of going to Starbucks everyday. I also shop at thrift stores for clothing.


I reuse my ziplock bags


I take home the condiments that you get from fast food restaurants and use them instead of buying the full size version.


I cut the toothpaste tube open, when it is almost empty so that I can get a few more helpings.


Store brand, store brand, store brand. I’ve discovered that some store brands are infinitely better than the name brand items!


I get free samples of new grooming products from sample offers off the Internet. My resulting collection of mini toothpastes is great for air travel.

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