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Spread betting benefits you should be aware of – Tactful gaming can increase your wealth

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Are you someone who is not so eager to follow a budget in order to set things right financially? If answered yes, you have to look for other ways through which you can raise your income and have enough money to let go of your debts. Debt is perhaps the most disturbing thing in our lives and if you’re good at trading, forex trading can definitely be one of the best ways of making money and also keeping it tax-free. If you’re not aware of the benefits of forex trading’s most popular form, the spread betting, here’s help for you. Check out the benefits that you can reap from active spread betting.

Winnings are tax-free: Tax is just another overhead and hence for all of us, tax avoidance schemes are a widely accepted practice that is often done to increase profits. Such is the advantage of spread betting as the gains are not taxable and you don’t need to pay taxes and stamp duty on it. The only tax due on it is a 4% betting tax that is charged on the gross profits of the firm and this entirely depends on the company in the spread.

Massive returns from low investments: Since spread bettings are traded on margins, you need not pay the entire cost of the trade upfront and this is known as trading on ‘margin’. The traders usually know that you require some form of leverage when you want to make short term trades. Keeping a margin of 10% means a 2% in share price would generate returns of 20%.

You can exit without any fees: One of the biggest benefits of spread betting is that you can make phased exits without accruing broker fees and this can have a huge psychological value. There will be phases when you would like to exit and later on take your position. With regards to the other forms of trading, this is a step that would make you incur fees but with spread betting, this won’t be applicable.

It’s commission free: Each and every cost associated with spread betting is already built into the bid-offer spread and hence you don’t even have to pay a dime in the form of commissions.

Hence, if you’re wondering about forex trading in order to make quick money, you can get help of brokers like ETX Capital and allow them to guide you through the right path.

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