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The Different Ways a Criminal Record Can Affect Your Finances

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Tuesday, May 21, 2019


No-one expects to earn a criminal record in their lifetime, but it can be a sad reality for many people from all walks of life.

Not only might you have the prospect of jail time, but a conviction could sadly affect your livelihood. It could lead to incarceration, change how you are viewed by society, and can also seriously dent your finances.

Learn more about the different ways a criminal record can affect your finances.

Court Costs

Many convicted offenders could be ordered to cover the cost of court administration fees associated with their case, even if they have only committed a basic traffic offense. For example, you might be ordered to pay fees for:

— Entering and leaving jail

— Probation

— Court-ordered supervision

— Clerk and/or recordkeeper fees

— Prosecutor office costs

As a result, you could potentially be ordered to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars.

A Fine

In addition to being ordered to pay for court costs, you could receive a hefty fine for a criminal conviction. For example, if you have been charged with a DUI/OUI and are a first-time offender, you could receive a fine of up to $1,000 and approximately nine months in prison. If, however, you are a repeat offender, you could be ordered to pay thousands of dollars and may face a five-year jail term.

You also might be ordered to pay restitution if your offense involved theft or damage to a person’s property.

Penalties for Late Fine Repayments

If repaying court fines and fees wasn’t enough, you could face further financial hardship if you fail to make the necessary repayments on time. Unfortunately, if you don’t pay the correct amount on schedule, it could lead to additional financial penalties and criminal charges, which could lead to your incarceration.

A Loss of Income

Depending on your career, it is possible you could lose your job following a criminal conviction. For example, if you are charged with an OUI, you could potentially lose your driver’s license, which is in addition to facing possible incarceration and a potential fine. If you drive a vehicle as a profession, such as a truck driver, you will more than likely lose your job.

It is imperative to contact OUI Attorneys to fight a charge, as they could potentially discover a police officer used faulty breath equipment or had an invalid stop defense.

It is also possible you might lose your job if you are required to regularly attend various court proceedings, or if you are incarcerated for a crime. Finding a new job after a conviction can also be difficult, as many employers might not want to hire a candidate with a criminal record.


A criminal record can affect your life in a variety of different ways. Regardless of whether you are a first-time or repeat offender, it is likely an offense will impact your finances in some manner if you are convicted of a crime. It is crucial to hire an experienced attorney to prevent a criminal record from destroying your life, finances and career.

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