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Tools For Entrepreneurs on a Budget

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Thursday, August 30, 2018


You will have made the right decision if your are looking for a free Quickbooks alternative that makes your business grow and accounting simple and delightful.

Billing and invoicing software

Businesses need efficient way to keep cash flow coming in. Quickbooks provides you a smart method of keeping your billing on track and on time, providing you with feedback as you go on. You may choose regular invoicing or set up a subscription for continuous billing that you can customize to suit your needs.

Billing management

Customize your invoices according to your needs. Add a logo, specific color and contacts information. You stay up to date by keeping track of customer payments, invoice histories, over-dues balances and taxes collected. Check when your customer opened an invoice and prepare and view receipts.

You should be looking for the following in a billing solution; professional invoicing, electronic sending and payments, time tracking, pass-through expenses, recurring billing, discounting and taxes, saved items and inventory, reminders, estimates and quotes and seamless integration into your books.


You do not need an accounting degree to keep records for your business. Quickbooks for mac alternative provides you with a smart way to track all your transactions, keeping track of who you owe and who owes you and figuring out how much your business is actually making. It gives you an intelligent feedback on how to improve your daily operations, and help you on remembering things like paying taxes.

Quickbooks for mac alternative makes it easy to share info with professionals who help you keep your business in top shape. By tracking your day-to-day transactions easily and efficiently, so that you can offer your accountant accurate info possible for filling taxes, preparing financial reports and giving you advice.

Bank connection

Linking bank accounts to Quickbooks for mac alternative is easy and quick! You are just needed to enter your bank information and select which accounts you would like to pull information from. Once your account has been verified, all your transactions will be streamed in automatically.

Bank reconciliation

Is the process to explain differences between a bank record of your deposits and withdrawals and your own personal record. There is an easy way to reconcile all your bank accounts, without needing to keep a paper check register on hand.


Quickbooks for mac alternative learns how you work with it that is the way you record transactions and how you categorize each entry.

Chart of accounts

Quickbooks organizes everything easy-to-use with chart of accounts. Checks the total amount of your inventory, make sure your accounts payable are not overdue, or check out how much cash you’ve got on hand in a snap. Accounts are generated for your business they include; expenses, revenue, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Project accounting

when creating new projects with details like the budget you are working with and any team members who are assigned to the project. It generates tasks and assigns them to existing projects so everything you is documented and detailed.

 Financial reports

Quickbooks for mac alternative keeps track of your accounts receivable history and gives you smart feedback on which accounts are owing within a reasonable time frame and which you should be worried about.

 Balance sheet

Reports  your assets, owner’s equity and liabilities so that you know what you have, what you owe and what you are worth. It creates reports you need without paying an accountant to do it for you. Your balance sheet tracks assets, liabilities and equity and automatically calculates your retained earnings based on the end date you choose. Then creates balance sheets that reflect any given business year or month or produce data for the whole life of your business.

Basically Quickbooks will create reports from categories you set up on your chart of accounts. If you have not set up any custom accounts we will use the smart default categories that are set up for you. Intuitive colors will help you highlight important aspects of your reports to make it easier to follow what’s going on in your business.








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