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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Friday, November 13, 2009


Simple things can be enough to get one going and on the right path.  Take things slow but become more involved and you will start to see those confusing things become more clear.  Always be on a continual path to learn and try new things.  Even if you don’t get the exact result you are looking for, at least you gave it a shot.  Then you will be able to work on something else.  The great thing about the internet is we have the ability to find excellent information and advice about personal finances on topics we know nothing about.  Speaking with others who may be in similar situations or who could have been at one point is a great way to improve on your own situation, I know it has helped me personally.  With saying that, here are some great articles from the past week that can help get you going.

Bible Money Matters wants to push you to get going. 20 Tips to Press Onwards Towards your Financial Goals

Cash Money Life knows that dealing with terms can be difficult, especially when they are real similar. Difference Between Credit Score and Credit Report

Five Cent Nickel wants to teach you more about bonds.  What are Series I Bond

Get Rich Slowly has a guest post to help you with your fall cleaning without having to spend on new products. Creative Cleaning with Everyday Products

My Next Buck has a guest post helping you save as well.  It costs a lot of money to keep the lights on, but there are ways to cut it down. 72 Ways to Save Money on Electricity Without Paying a Cent

Couple Money wants to help you get out of credit card debt and to spend less overall. Living Off Cash, Not Credit?

Good Financial Cents wants to inform you about your retirement fund. Good to Know Rules and Limits for the Traditional IRA

Canadian Finance Blog knows how expensive heating can be as the winter slowly arrives. Top 15 Ways to Save Money on Heating

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