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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Friday, September 11, 2009


I hope everyone had a great summer and labor day weekend, but now we enter the last quarter of 2009.  Back to school for kids and parents of kids alike, the weather will be slowly cooling, and maybe the most important part of the fall…..football is back!  If you are like me, Sundays are dedicated to your favorite team (NY Giants for me) with friends, food, and drinks.  To start off this new football season, here are some great reads from personal finance bloggers from around the net.

Green Panda Treehouse has some tips for the newbies looking to purchase a brand new home and how the costs and interest applies. House Hunting: Mortgages and Interest Rates

Fiscal Geek wants you to beat the banks.  Don’t waste money on overdraft fees by forgetting you didn’t have enough money in your account. Cash Envelope Budgeting: Why your Bank Hates it

Man vs. Debt wants your life to be stress free and simple.  Don’t worry about your finances, enjoy life. 42 ways to Simplify your Finances

Budgets are Sexy has an interesting comparison for you.  Cigarettes and coffee are things people love and use every day.  But what’s worse for you financially? Cigarettes vs. Coffee: Which is Financially Worse for you?

Suddenly Frugal wants us to learn from the generations before us. 9 Things Great Depression Grandparents Knew About Savings

Debt Free Adventure wants to show you an organizing and motivating planning system that works for him….maybe it will work for you. The Modern Pocketbook

The Writer’s Coin tells us again how finances should be about the long run and we should focus on what’s ahead. The Steve Prefontaine Guide to Getting Rich

Yielding Wealth wants you to contribute this fall to someone who may need it, and it doesn’t have to be with money. Alternative Ways to Donate in a Recession

My Next Buck wants to tell you the story about his decision about why he bought a new car and hopefully it can help you if you are in a similar situation. Committing Personal Finance Sin – Why I Bought a New Car

Do you have any opening weekend plans for the football games?

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