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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Saturday, October 3, 2009


October is here, and finally it is the feeling of fall.  I don’t know about the rest of you but I have been waiting awhile for this season to come, I love the crisp cool air, and not sweating every time I step outside for 5 minutes.  Summer is an after thought and we are in the full swing of things.  October is also the time for Oktoberfest, so for those who are celebrating, enjoy, but be careful and always make sure you have a designated driver.  When you are not kicking back some delicious beers, check out some great posts from the past week.

Bible Money Matters looks at the behind the scenes of personal finances and the mentality that is involved with it to make it work.  Managing Your Finances is an Exercise in Both Mathematics and Psycology

Cash Money Life looks into rechargeable batteries and ask if they are worth it.  I have never bought a pair of these and am curious myself. Are Rechargeable Batteries Worth it?

Frugal Dad wants to help you out.  Everyone should work harder to help out their financial situations and by doing some minor things, you could see big improvements over time. Seven Secrets to Financial Independence

Gather Little By Little knows what it can be like to be in debt.  The toll it can take on your mind and self-esteem is troubling, but there are tips and ways to break through it. Stuck in the Midst of Debt

My Two Dollars wants to know what type of wallet do you use.  For the longest time I had the standard thick wallet that hurt every time you sat down and made you uncomfortable and lopsided.  Since I have switched to a money clip.  You? What do you use as a Wallet?

The Dough Roller wants to help you out with your debt.  Everyone could use some tips and may need help consolidating it to help their situation. How to Consolidate Debt

Gen Y Wealth talks about investing.  Everyone has different ways they go about dealing with investing and what works for them or their goals.  This is his Investment Philosophy

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