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Why you should consider selling your mortgage

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Friday, June 9, 2017

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There are many reasons for which people decide that its best to hold to their mortgage notes and not cave in to the apparent society pressure of selling it. However, even though there might be a lot to gain by holding on to your note and the reasoning behind this decision might be sound, these people often times completely overlook the other sphere of the situation and don’t really know what selling their note would actually imply. When it comes to sheer benefits, not everyone is aware of the kind of benefits that you can be privy to if you sell your note. It’s rewarding to at least check out the potential benefits that could come with selling your note before making a decision so that at the end you can reassure yourself that you have made the best decision for you. That being said, let’s see just what one would stand to benefit from if they were to sell their note.

As far as palpable advantages go, selling your note allows you to get in the possession of a large amount of cash and as we know, there’s nothing more palpable than cash. The alternative is an uncertain amount of money that comes with different loops or variables which you must take into consideration at every step of the way. Selling your note would also put that large amount of cash money in your hands instantly unlike the alternative.

If the future would have you foreclose on the note, it would mean extra costs and also extra risks. All that and a hefty amount of extra work on top doesn’t sound too appealing. Selling the note pretty much erases all these concerns and brings more reassurance to the future.

Selling the note opens up possibilities for future investments and also transforms certain theoretical possibilities into a reality. With having a liquid means of purchasing, in this case cash, you can consider making an important purchase in the near future as your funds are no longer tangled up in the note.

If you have debts or unpaid credit card bills, you can be sure to expect high interest rates. These don’t suffer delay and selling your note would give you the means to pay off whatever debts you have.

Receiving a large amount of cash is considerably favorable to receiving your money in small increments that can easily be lost in the daily affairs you conduct. Each day we buy small things that don’t cost that much but put together amount to a small fortune over time.  Small increments would almost nullify any financial advantage you would have had.

These were some of the benefits that you stand to obtain if you decide to sell your mortgage note. Whether you were pondering on whether or not you should contact American Equity Funding for a while or this is the first time the idea was presented to you, you now have some valuable arguments to make in the case of selling the note.


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