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How to manage the financial stress of a DUI

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Friday, April 13, 2018


You hear a soft sound, like a siren, from a distance on your way home. Before you figure out what it is, a police vehicle passes you by and waylays you to pull over after realizing that you have been swerving on the road. An arrest in such a case is imminent. If the emotional distressed due to the arrest wasn’t already overwhelming, then comes the conviction.

A DUI conviction can be very stressful, especially on the financial side. Legal fees, court fees, insurance premiums and even hospital bills in case you cause an accident are some of the medical expenses that you have to shoulder. All this without forgetting that you have your electric bill, water bills and rent to cover. A DUI conviction can destroy your employment, take a toll on your savings, and take your freedom to drive away for good.

Here’s how to manage the stress of a DUI conviction.

Financial Strain

Losing your source of employment is very stressful. A DUI conviction means that you spend most of your income in handling the financial obligation that resulted from your sentence. Doing that means that you deplete funds for your personal and family upkeep. The financial strain can come with increased insurance rates, sometimes loss of insurance, court fines towing fees or even hospital bills. This entire burden will eat into the funds meant for your business and personal life. Unemployment makes you wonder how to survive financially.

Loss of Driver’s License

Losing your license makes it difficult to go to work, and this may result in you losing your employment. You will always arrive to work late and feel frustrated when you reach there. Your performance will suffer too. If your job requires that you drive, then it means that you will lose it. A driving license is a primary source of identification for most people. It is difficult to cash checks or withdraw money from a bank.

Handling your license problem will go a long way in safeguarding your finances, and as well reduce your stress. You might have to get a substitute for your photo identification or obtain a passport. Some states preclude people with pending DUI cases from obtaining state IDs. However, this is a common practice, despite the order from the secretary of state that everyone should have a state ID. In the meantime, you need to find a competent lawyer to help you with the matter. A representative from this Gilbert DUI lawyers asserts that DUI convictions do not necessarily result in loss of a driver’s license. Keep in mind, if you refuse to take a chemical test, you will be charged with implied consent refusal. You then have to demand a hearing to be done within 14 days after your arrest. As you wait for the Driver License Appeal Division to hear your case, you can continue using it.

Personal stress

It may seem difficult to handle the shock after the DUI. The bills will continue to come, and your responsibility to the family will still burden you. Stress affects your emotions and your physical health. It also reduces your ability to think straight, function normally and enjoy life. You will wallow in self-pity and guilt for putting yourself in this situation.

To manage personal stress, talk to someone about your situation. Talking to someone helps you share your problem. In case of financial issues, your family, friends and close relatives may be able to help with financial support until you get back on your feet. The financial impact of a DUI conviction can be devastating. The consequences are far-reaching, causing strain to your finances and personal life. However, despite the hardships, the way you handle them will determine how you move on with your life.

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