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The Important Things that Business Owners Forget – Cyber Security

Posted by : Premraj | Posted on : Thursday, September 7, 2017


Cyber security is by no means something to be underestimated. The field has created careers, landed high profile criminals in prison and literally driven the future of business. Additionally, the practice of cyber security is ever evolving, with new technologies and frameworks being developed to secure information sensitive systems. Put simply, it is a constantly developing arena of opportunity.

Moreover, cyber security is integral to any modern business, yet some refer to the practice as the biggest concern of 2017. While many business owners have their mind set on the bigger picture, many can let their awareness on the intricacies slip and fade. One thing is certain: in the case of cyber security, ignorance is not bliss. Listed below are a few important things business owners cannot afford to forget in cyber security.

The ‘Private’ Email

Emails are not as secure as most might assume. They work well for sending amusing gifs and quick messages, but for important matters they are perhaps best used cautiously. Recently, hundreds of millions of emails and their passwords were made public, calling into question the sheer reliability of email and its best practices. Further privacy breaches in email are not uncommon, and thus it is unwise for a business owner to use only email for data transfer and confidential communication.

Alternatively, content management systems can be useful, professional cyber areas to share ideas through digital notice board posts and more. An overreliance on email can seem perfectly fine and normal until the data breaches occur. When that happens, you might be thankful the important stuff is stored somewhere else far more obscure, and thus secure.

The Right People in the Know

Some employees might excel at their job and present themselves as completely professional and trustworthy. However, while sharing with your hardworking staff might feel like creating a teamworking environment, you may be raising the chances of data breaches occurring. With this in mind, limiting access to your confidential data is a must in order to minimise the likelihood of data leaks and errors.

Unavoidably, not everyone in the workplace is on the same level in technological skills and awareness and its irrational to assume otherwise. No matter how smart or competent someone is, someone sends a wrong message or clicks a wrong link eventually. There’s simply no need for every employee to have a stake in everything. Digitally compartmentalise and lower the risk of cyber breaches.

Regular Testing

Cybersecurity is not a ‘one and done’ practice. There are no ends to the possibilities, and keeping in touch with your data protection is a temporary and repeated measure. Ultimately, there are no permanent solutions except for regular analysis of your software and testing.

However, a rigorous routine is a more than decent substitute for a quick fix, and will eliminate chances of forgetting the importance of it all. Companies such as Nettitude offer SOC Maturity Assessments, developing their own model to simulate attacks and really exercise your systems. As a recurring scheme, your preparation will be constant. Keep in regular touch with your cybersecurity, and commit to doing everything you can to stamp out the dangers. After all, it’s an endless battle.

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